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living picture

Taken from wikipedia: “Tableau vivant … is French for “living picture.” The term describes a striking group of suitably costumed actors or artist’s models, carefully posed and often theatrically lit.”

I’ve blogged Tableau Vivant before they opened up their doors, well now they are officially open. I can’t stress how amazing everything is. At the moment they have gorgeous props, poses, tattoo makeups, clothing and much much more. The clothing is sized for men so I used ManBerry for this post, but it can most certainly be sized down for women. Everything is modifiable and absolute perfection.


Tableau Vivant blog:
Tableau Vivant flickr:
Tableau Vivant flickr group:
Tableau Vivant inworld group: ~Tableau Vivant~

*Skin [PXL] Daniel PA Face00 Dark by Hart Larsson
Eyes: Glam Affair – Stella Eyes by Aida Ewing
*Everything else: Tableau Vivant
*Promotional copies


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

7 thoughts on “Living Picture

  • Feyth Ashbourne

    Amazing work, and an amazing shop. I just got my first taste of Tableau Vivant a week or so ago, and I am unequivocally in adoration or what they are presenting.

  • Whoopsie Smith

    I thought something seemed amiss reading this and then it occurred to me…

    Tableau Vivant is actually a new venture by the people behind Glam Affair. Why is this important? Because Strawberry Singh just won L$5000 in a contest held by same.

    For the sake of your own integrity as a blogger you should have disclosed Tableau Vivant’s connection to Glam Affair because as it stands, it *looks* like you’re doing favors in exchange for positive editorial comment. You know the old saying; if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck…then it’s probably a duck.

  • Thank you Feyth, it’s a great new venture, I really like it as well.

    Hi Whoopsie Smith, thanks for using your real SL name btw. I don’t need to do favors for anyone. I blog what I like, no matter what their relation is to me (as you can see from my numerous Zaara posts), or if they give me review copies or not. Tableau Vivant opened a week ago and has already been blogged many times by many other well-read bloggers. They didn’t need my “favor” as you put it. I blogged the items because I was inspired to create images with the content that I received as promotional copies way before I even won the contest.

    Also, if you actually read my post, you would see I linked to my first post about Tableau Vivant which I did in April, before the store even opened, and in that post I mentioned who the brains were behind this amazing store.

    Have a nice day.

  • LOLLLL yes Harlow! Manberry, Berrylicious, Strawberry Singh and RL me are all totally single! 😛 *wiggles eyebrows back*

  • Whoopsie Smith

    Ahhh Berry. Methinks thou doth protest too much.

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