All dressed up for Rapture Day!

all dressed up for rapturing

So I only have about 3 hours till it’s 6pm my time. I hope rapture day isn’t too bloody, I don’t wanna get my dress all dirty.

BTW, I got my end-of-the-world-confession in on twitter. What’s yours?


I’m sorry I didn’t put the slurls in my post today, I’m too busy rapturing.

*Skin: Belleza by Tricky Boucher
*Hair: Truth by Truth Hawks
*Dress: Hucci by Eboni Khan
*Jewels: je suis by Julia Merosi
*Pose: Frozen Panty by Takeshi Kiama
*Shoes: Image Reflections Super Extremes Glass by Missbehavin Neva (Availble at Shoe Fair)
*Promotional copies

3 thoughts on “All dressed up for Rapture Day!

  1. Shae Sixpence says:

    I knew you liked it Mango face!!!!! <3

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