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This morning I woke up to an email from facebook stating that my sl facebook profile that I’ve had for over 3 years which had over 2000 friends had been disabled. I kind of expected that to happen eventually because of Facebook’s policy about using fake names. That is why I had created a facebook page for myself, but since it was linked to my sl facebook profile, I no longer have proper access to it. I also do not want to create another sl facebook profile to manage it, therefore I decided to create a new page entirely today which will not be linked or associated with any facebook profile. Hopefully, facebook won’t delete this one. If they do, I have my real email address attached to it and can prove to them it’s really mine and not fake so hopefully they won’t delete it this time. So for those of you that had liked my previous facebook page, feel free to unlike it because I will delete it tomorrow and if you can please like my new facebook page.

It feels nice to start fresh again and do things a bit differently and properly now that I have more experience with maintaining a page. But I will miss all of the people that I had connected with on facebook. Not only other slers but empire avenue players that I had gotten to know through facebook groups and such. I will miss you guys’ chatter in the groups. <3 There are thousands of SLers using facebook at the moment, so I figured I would blog about this happening to me in case it also happens to you very soon. Apparently facebook deleted lots of sl accounts today, see Daniel Voyager’s blog for details. There are a few things you can do if you wish to save your facebook contacts. There is a way to convert your current facebook profile into a facebook page and that may save you from being disabled. You can read all about it in the facebook help center at this link. Once you convert your facebook profile into a facebook page, all of your friends become “likes” but you will lose any information you had on there like games, pictures, wall posts, etc…

Another way you can maintain a presence on facebook if you don’t already have one is to actually create a new facebook page that is not linked to any facebook profile, only by using an email address. This might also prevent from getting disabled by the facebook Gods. You can create a facebook page by itself by going to and signing up for a page only, not a profile. You will find the page link under the big sign up button as shown in this picture.


But in all honesty, do we really want to continue to use facebook when facebook doesn’t really want slers to be on there? Here’s where comes in. Someone left a link to this in my plurk today and I thought why not? It’s actually very interesting because it’s linked inworld. So you have to go to a certain slurl to register your avatar to link it to the profile. It’s kind of like facebook but for slers. I’m liking it so far and there’s a wave of plurkers headed there now. If you decide to join us, don’t forget to add me as a friend! <3 Here's a link to a 2ndhub tour and a blog post with more info by Sookie Slafford.

My new facebook page:
My 2ndhub profile:

If you have a 2ndhub account, leave your link below so we all can add each other. <3 » You can view all of my current tutorials on my tutorials page.


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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