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So this is not your typical fashion post (when did I really do those anyways? :P) but once I put this character on, I couldn’t stop myself. I had no intention of blogging today and in fact I am so behind in my client photos (sorry clients) but I was quickly looking for something in my horribly disorganized inventory when I landed on this roughneck folder and I thought to myself…what on EARTH is this and where did it come from? So what did I do? What I ALWAYS do cuz I’m quite the lazy butt, I right-clicked the folder and clicked “replace current outfit.” There were just so many items in the folder I didn’t want to go through each thing because I was in such a rush. But was I ever surprised when almost everything changed about me: my shape, skin, clothing, everything. All of a sudden I had transformed into this amazingly detailed and realistic character that I just didn’t feel like taking him off at all.


I can’t even imagine the thought process and the amount of work that went into him. This whole look comes together in one package at Deco and it’s called the Roughneck Avatar. He comes with the shape, skin, boots, jeans, dirty tank, jacket, gloves, cig, goggles and a drink container. Of course you can mix and match your shape, skins and items but I just wanted to show this avatar completely so you can get the idea. Deco has some amazing work they’ve been currently releasing. Check out their flickr stream for more details.

Also please note that I have barely photoshopped these pictures, just very slightly. I have shot the pictures at the AM Radio build with the trains (one of my favs) and I have used my Emerald windlight setting.

*Avatar: DECOmpose Roughneck Avatar by Gutterblood Spoonhammer
*Poses: Diesel Works – NEW Yash Male Poses by Rogan Diesel
*Promotional copies
Location: AM Radio build
WindLight Setting: Emerald


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

7 thoughts on “Roughneck

  • This would be perfect for a character that a friend of mine plays at the Roleplay sim I’m at. I’m at the store now and we’re both looking at it. Kind of wish that the skin would come seperate. Do you know if the owner of it is planning on selling the skin seperate? By the way..the pictures are wonderful too 🙂

  • Thank you Katya! Since I don’t know the creator at all, I’m not sure if he would sell it separately or not. Maybe try dropping him a notecard? It’s such an amazingly well made skin!

  • I have never wanted you more.

  • Oh ,wonderful!I like very much this avatar i think wopuld fit for a good friend of mine and i was wondering the same if skin and shape are available separetly but i will contact the designer .Very nice pictures and thank you for showing us this!

  • I contacted the designer Berry. I do love the store as well..DECO has some amazing things. I would love to see this hanging up there too. 🙂

  • omg wow Berry this is soo real that scares! i thought was a rl guy lool

  • Meaghan

    He is hot!! I thought he was real for a minute there!! Awesome work may do over my male avie as a result!!

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