My Love for AM Radio

Twirling in the Wheatfield

On February 6th, 2008 I landed in this gorgeous sim that simply took my breath away. I had never seen anything like it, I was just in awe. The picture was taken that day and it was the first picture I was somewhat proud of. The AM Radio builds are one of the reasons that my love for photography grew. Over the years I have gone back many times and taken many more pictures at his builds. That is why when I found out last week about the sims closing, it left me with a deep sadness. One thing I always loved about his builds was not only were they so creative and beautiful but there was just a peacefulness about them that was hard to explain. Of course the ability to rez pose props and such was also wonderful. I hope more sim owners adopt this habit of his and let us rez for at least a short period of time on their sims.

Read more about why and when his sims are closing on the Prim Perfect and NWN blog.

AM Radio

Here is an image of Mr. AM Radio himself that I took back in 2008 when I saw him at The Far Away.

His work will disappear in about six months time, so I will be visiting a bit more often and shooting as many pictures as I can over the next several months. I hope you all take a moment to visit before it’s all gone.

AM Radio current builds inworld:
The Quiet:
The Far Away:
A Little Further Than Before:
The Ferry:

AM Radio flickr groups:
Stalking AM Radio:
Husk & The Ferry:
The Refuge and The Expansion:
Sometimes They Rise & Surface:
The Quiet:
The Far Away – The Wheatfield:
A Little Further than Before:
The Red and the Wild:

Mr. Radio, thank you for your wonderful work and for generously sharing it with us. You have given us a very special gift of sweet memories. We will always cherish them and be forever thankful. <3


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