Spring Filled Sims

Vignettes - Spring Filled Sims

I’m very happy and excited to announce a new adventure I have started. The Avenue magazine team have invited me to write a monthly column by the name of Vignettes. Similar to my blog, it will be a little glimpse into my style and photography and of course as always, some rambling. 🙂

Vignettes - Spring Filled Sims

For April there was a whole spring theme going on in the magazine so I figured I’d join along and covered some wonderful sims that were full of “spring-ness.”

Vignettes - Spring Filled Sims

So take a look at the April issue of Avenue Magazine. You can find more of my spring filled pictures and of course my style credits on pages 44 to 55.

Happy Spring! <3


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

3 thoughts on “Spring Filled Sims

  • Holy WOW! This photos are fantastic, and I love the article. Absolutely beautiful and I look forward to more of these pieces. PLUS you made me fangirl a little more than I find is an appropriate level of excitement when I spotted my poses in the magazine. Hahaha, wonderful as always and thank you so much!

  • If Im wrong sorry, I was in other country and wasnt read this place, but this note seems to be copyed from another blogare you copycatwebsites?

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