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What’s your digits?

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What's your digits?
Raw shots from SL – I just cropped them together.

One thing I love about Second Life is that you can be whatever shape you want to be. But I do have my days where I look at my shape and think hmmmmmm… are my hands massive? Are my arms too short? Is my head gibungus? Should I make myself taller? I suck at making shapes myself cuz I don’t think I’m very good with proportions (Mr. Revolution made these beauties for me) so I thought I would give you guys my digits and see how I compare and what everyone thinks is the “norm” (if there is such a thing?) I’m not talking about skinny, fat, big-boobed, big-assed, or even height for that matter. I’m actually just talking about proportions and if mine actually work.

A few things I do like about my shape: I seem to fit well into many different poses, I never have to adjust any Truth hair for my head and all prim nails usually fit me perfectly. So I’m not sure if I actually want to change my shape at all, I’m pretty happy with it. I just want to compare numbers and see what the average is and what people normally lean towards. So if you are willing to share your digits, please do. Leave them in the comments or do your own post about it. I would love to see all the varying avs.

I’m doing it for both of my avs because I always feel like my male av’s hands are really big and I actually recently made them a lot smaller but you guys tell me what you think. I’m just going to share a few of the digits, not everything! 😛 Here goes…

ManBerry’s digits:
Height – 82 (7’1″ using the Avatar Ruler)
Head size – 70
Arm length – 54
Hand size – 30
Torso length – 60
Leg length – 54
Foot size – 0

Berry’s digits:
Height – 75 (6’8″ using the Avatar Ruler)
Head size – 58
Arm length – 75
Hand size – 20
Torso length – 55
Leg length – 56
Foot size – 0
EDIT: A few people also added their T&A digits so I thought I would share those as well.
T&A digits for Berry:
Body fat – 5
Breast size – 54
Hip width – 58
Butt size – 44

(If you share your digits on flickr, feel free to add it to the digits flickr group.)

I know it’s kinda silly of me to stress about my proportions in a virtual world, but it’s also kinda fun to see all the variations we can play with. BTW, if you’re wondering what started all this, I was just looking at the image I did for yesterday’s blog post and felt that my hands just looked MASSIVE in it. So I plurked about it here and the plurkers gave me some great insight into proportions. Thanks guys!

Mr. Hart Larsson shared a few things in my plurk so I really wanted to add them here cuz I thought they were very neat to look at.
Ideal proportion – Male
Ideal proportion – Female
Tutorial – Anatomy & Proportions

EDIT: Vaki Zenovka took all the numbers people shared and found the average and is now giving away the average sized shapes for free FULL PERM. Read her post about it here.

*Skin: Belleza
*Boxers: Zaara
*Pose: Diesel Works
*Skin: Dutch Touch
*Hair: Truth
*Lingerie: Zaara
*Pose: Status
*Promotional copies
WindLight Setting: – Original


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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