What’s your digits?

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What's your digits?
Raw shots from SL – I just cropped them together.

One thing I love about Second Life is that you can be whatever shape you want to be. But I do have my days where I look at my shape and think hmmmmmm… are my hands massive? Are my arms too short? Is my head gibungus? Should I make myself taller? I suck at making shapes myself cuz I don’t think I’m very good with proportions (Mr. Revolution made these beauties for me) so I thought I would give you guys my digits and see how I compare and what everyone thinks is the “norm” (if there is such a thing?) I’m not talking about skinny, fat, big-boobed, big-assed, or even height for that matter. I’m actually just talking about proportions and if mine actually work.

A few things I do like about my shape: I seem to fit well into many different poses, I never have to adjust any Truth hair for my head and all prim nails usually fit me perfectly. So I’m not sure if I actually want to change my shape at all, I’m pretty happy with it. I just want to compare numbers and see what the average is and what people normally lean towards. So if you are willing to share your digits, please do. Leave them in the comments or do your own post about it. I would love to see all the varying avs.

I’m doing it for both of my avs because I always feel like my male av’s hands are really big and I actually recently made them a lot smaller but you guys tell me what you think. I’m just going to share a few of the digits, not everything! :P Here goes…

ManBerry’s digits:
Height – 82 (7’1″ using the Avatar Ruler)
Head size – 70
Arm length – 54
Hand size – 30
Torso length – 60
Leg length – 54
Foot size – 0

Berry’s digits:
Height – 75 (6’8″ using the Avatar Ruler)
Head size – 58
Arm length – 75
Hand size – 20
Torso length – 55
Leg length – 56
Foot size – 0
EDIT: A few people also added their T&A digits so I thought I would share those as well.
T&A digits for Berry:
Body fat – 5
Breast size – 54
Hip width – 58
Butt size – 44

(If you share your digits on flickr, feel free to add it to the digits flickr group.)

I know it’s kinda silly of me to stress about my proportions in a virtual world, but it’s also kinda fun to see all the variations we can play with. BTW, if you’re wondering what started all this, I was just looking at the image I did for yesterday’s blog post and felt that my hands just looked MASSIVE in it. So I plurked about it here and the plurkers gave me some great insight into proportions. Thanks guys!

Mr. Hart Larsson shared a few things in my plurk so I really wanted to add them here cuz I thought they were very neat to look at.
Ideal proportion – Male
Ideal proportion – Female
Tutorial – Anatomy & Proportions

EDIT: Vaki Zenovka took all the numbers people shared and found the average and is now giving away the average sized shapes for free FULL PERM. Read her post about it here.

*Skin: Belleza
*Boxers: Zaara
*Pose: Diesel Works
*Skin: Dutch Touch
*Hair: Truth
*Lingerie: Zaara
*Pose: Status
*Promotional copies
WindLight Setting: StrawberrySingh.com – Original

155 thoughts on “What’s your digits?

  1. Great post in general.

    Though, about digits, I would add something:

    Body thickness
    Body Fat

    That’s what makes your feet look like you have too much water in your ankles and hands too small compared to the arm. (in general)

    Thickness 70 and hand 10 = fail

    Then, there is what realistic is or what looks good is and what people expect from their SL…

    Now about Catero’s tastes… I’ve learned more from men criticizing my shapes than from women.

  2. Great post in general but if you want to be complete, I would add to the digits:

    – body thickness
    – body fat

    About the hands and the feet: if you have a high body thickness/fat, small digits feets and hands will look weird though you have added volume and sexyness to your body. (too much water syndrome)

  3. Masha Eilde says:

    Interesting – I love that the lady in that graphic is wearing heels!

    I’m actually very curious about facial proportions too. So many AVs in SL seem like their eyes are just too big, these giant insectile things in a fine featured face.

    I’d love a guide for the placement and proportion for facial features!

  4. GREAT! Thanks for sharing. Now I’m going to put on Berry; change my display name and go cavort at Bukkakke Bliss.

  5. Masha if I find one somewhere I’ll post it.

    Mr. Jefferson, I’m a frequent visitor of Bukkake Bliss, so you will prolly get recognized. :P

  6. I found this post to be very interesting, so I plurked it, and then decided to do it. Thank you for this post, it made me realize that my arms were a little short.


    I’m really liking the slight and extreme differences in numbers!

  7. Here’s mine! It really is interesting to see how slightly different numbers make us all look different!


  8. http://www.flickr.com/photos/trinitybelle/5614683507/

    So here is mine! I found this experiment to be very interesting. I think I might play some with my leg length after seeing this.

  9. Chiara Laszlo says:

    I feel the same about my digits often. There is an interesting blog post from Alaska Metropolitan I used once to find a “healthy” balance.

    You find it here: http://alaskametro.blogspot.com/2006/10/proportion-and-second-life-models.html

  10. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ktann_81/5614982831/in/photostream

    well I’m most definitely not average… but I like my shape :)

  11. oh Chiara that post is an excellent find! Thanks for sharing it.

  12. Betty Doyle says:

    This is such a fun post! I love seeing everyone’s digits. Here are mine: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bettydoyle/5615970821

  13. Empty Inkpen says:

    One of several shapes.. I’m always changing/editing them >.<

  14. So interesting to read all these and compare my own…so glad you posted this Berry :-)

    Here’s mine: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dailynholfe/5616060659/

  15. I love seeing everybodies digits (and avs in the semi buff)


  16. According to SL I’m 6’0 but I bought the height measurement you posted and it says I’m 5’4. I like that number better :D

  17. I remade my photo with more info and visible body shape (already asked to get my old comment deleted)

    :D so here is my new one lol!


  18. Thanks so much for sharing everyone! I am having some trouble keeping up. lol but you guys can add them to the flickr group here too: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1698292@N22

  19. stuck mine in your flickr group.

    will probably add my alts as well, it’s interesting to see how everyone is different.

  20. Penny Patton says:

    I decided to play!

    I do think that actual proportions are more important than the slider numbers, tho. The SL appearance editor is pretty inconsistent and abstract. An arm legnth of 60 might look perfect for one avatar, but give another t-rex arm syndrome, for instance.

    Also, it helps to know and understand good human figure proportions, like the proportion guides Strawberry linked to. A good understanding of proportion can help anyone make better looking avatar shapes.

    I should also note that the height detector used to measure the avatars in this article is incorrect. It spits out raw Agent Height, which is not actually your avatar height. You can get close to your actual avatar height by adding 6 inches (15cm) to the height given. The most accurate way to measure an avatar’s height is to hop on a pose stand and measure from the bottom of your feet to the top of your skull. (Remember to remove hair and shoes!)

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  23. […] Strawberry Singh touched on a common topic yesterday: What are your avatar proportions? Why did you pick them, and what is average? Heaps of folks are dropping trou to submit their shapes for appraisal, and I’m all about it! Plus, I’d been wearing the same outfit for two weeks and needed to let my skin air out […]

  24. This new digits trend is a real easy way for people to copy your own personal shape, just wanted to point that out…to anyone who’s participating don’t feel bad if you have another similar you walking around in sl.

  25. Thing is, by asking people for their shape information, if they are revealing someone elses work, they’re enabling people to take someone elses work FREE. Not really nice to the shape creators who work hard to make unique shapes for folks.

  26. Hi everyone,

    I came here to post what Sara said already. I make shapes in SL, and I work really hard on my shapes. They are all mod, and I fully accept the reality that some people will “steal” the numbers for their own less-than-honest uses, but please… if you didn’t make your shape, don’t share the info here. You’re giving someone else’s hard work away for free, and that’s really just not fair to those of us who work hard to help you look great.

    If you made your shape, and want to share it, go for it… and btw, my personal shape has a butt size 40. :)


  27. […] i’m doing this too.. was just too interesting to pass up! strawberry issued a challenge for us to show our […]

  28. Dizzy Sparrow says:

    Such a neat idea and I love seeing how different every one is! Here is mine http://www.flickr.com/photos/dizzysparrow/5617825655/in/photostream

  29. Interesting post! I’ve been fiddling with my shape for a while now and I think I’ve finally got it where I want it. But, after seeing everyone’s digits, I think my arms are too short. Aaargh!

    Here is the link to my Flickr photo and digits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/50784491@N03/5618453410/

  30. Dizzy Sparrow says:

    Sharing a few numbers is not giving away the whole shape so the whole thing can not be fully copied. The most unique part of a shape should be the face and that is not being posted.
    With the number of people in SL and the fact that shapes are limited by numbers there most likely are already people out there walking around with very similar shapes with out ever having seen the actual numbers. I also bet shapes out there for sell are also very similar to other shapes already out there and they weren’t even copied. (Also just so you know i too make and sell shapes in SL.)

  31. […] a comment » Berry started it. (See Strawberry Singh’s Body challenge) Jeni did it. (See earlier post on this blog) I decided to do it too! *Hums along to Olivia Newton […]

  32. Chantelle Ashdene says:

    I definitely think we have an unrealistic grasp on feet. Foot size 0 looks kinda weird, and I find LOTS of shoes look really small on me, but it’s just what we’re used to. I haven’t tried my feet bigger, though, so it might look weird!

  33. Penny Patton says:

    Most SL avatars have arms that are far too short for their bodies, even the starter avatars that LL provides have arms that are a full half a foot too short. Basically, your arms, outstretched and measured from fingertip to fingertip, should be as long as you are tall. Give or take 2-3 inches at most.

    Very true, too. Ironically, the larger your avatar the more “weird” size 0 feet look, and most avatars are about 7′ or taller. Basically, your feet should be as long as your forearm when measured from elbow to wrist. Of course your legs should only make up 1/2 your overall height (give or take a couple inches) but most SL avatars have legs that make up 2/3 their height, skewing that measurement.

  34. Tanaquil, thank you! Sorry I’m responding so late to your comment, it was stuck in my spam. I have tried to go through all my spam and bring up any other comments missed, sorry about that for those whose comments are not showing up right away! Not sure why that’s happening but I’m looking into it.

    Penny thank you so much for the informative advice. I never thought to measure it like that. I did see something on marketplace that is like a scaled height bar that you use to calculate your actual height which I think is what you are talking about but I might be mistaken here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Scaled-Height-Bar-Round/2094519

    Alex, Sara and Lucie, I sincerely apologize to you three as I can see this little post of mine may have upset you guys. I had no intention of enabling people to copy other people’s shapes. I just thought sharing a few numbers wouldn’t really matter. In any case, I do apologize and I hope nothing bad results in this. And Lucie especially, I am very sorry and I do hope that no one that has bought your shapes has given out their numbers as I see that this has upset you. It was just something fun I thought I’d ask about, I didn’t think about the consequences.

    In any case, I am happy that people are having fun with this and I hope it all stays positive. Thanks everyone for participating, it has really helped me a lot in figuring stuff out for both my shapes.

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  36. Autumn Ashdene says:

    This is such a fab idea! Even as a shape creator, proportions have, and probably always will bug me! It’s interesting to see each person’s ‘ideal’ – I think this will be a new trend in SL!

    Here’s mine for y’all to have a gander at:


    -A. x

  37. Autumn Ashdene says:

    This is such a fab idea! Even as a shape creator, proportions have, and probably always will bug me! It’s interesting to see each person’s ‘ideal’ – I think this will be a new trend in SL!

    Here’s mine for y’all to have a gander at:


    -A. x

  38. This one was fun! It’s amazing to see what everyone’s avatar is like. I’m one of the few giants lol. I added this to the flickr group as well.


  39. Wow its really interesting to see how such small changes in numbers can give such variety in shapes.


  40. Berry, would you be interested in some graphs / charts coming out of this? Seeing all this data pouring out, it might be interesting to start looking at what the average stats for contributors are, for male and female AVs. I’m not statistician, but I’d be willing to give it a go for fun…

  41. Vaki please do! I would LOVE to see that. Thank you for the offer.

  42. This was really interesting to see all my measurements together and compare them to all the other stunning girlies in SL… xxx

    Here’s me: http://www.flickr.com/photos/41862973@N03/5619932288/in/photostream

  43. I must admit I was skeptical at first but it’s such an interesting idea, I had to do it as well, so here’s mine:

  44. […] Strawberry Singh started this new trend in the SL fashion world.: you take a picture of yourself in your favorite shape and then post it with some of your shape info.  Some of you might know that making shapes is a hobby of mine (though I’ll admit I’m not very good at it), so this totally appealed to me.  However, it made me think.  I spend so much time as a kid these days, why not also do that shape as well?  No one said you can’t and I did see a few non-traditional shapes like furries, so I took the initiative and made these inner looks at my shapes. […]

  45. […] this awesome new project, I think it’s a fun thing anyone should participate in!. Berry of Strawberrysingh.com started this whole thing of ” what’s your digits?”. You can join the flickr group […]

  46. […] Ohai!! Quick post not with style details but yes with shape details. yay!! So Berry asked us about our digits and herself and many other SL people have measured themselves. Is kinda […]

  47. I loved this ”challenge”. I guess most of us wonder if we are ”normal” compared to other SL residents. :)

    Here’s my digits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/steffyghost/5620566606/in/photostream

  48. Berry: just to give you an idea of how wildly this has taken off, so far I have 100 measurements in my spreadsheet (88 women and 12 men) (I promise there are more men farther in, I just haven’t gotten to them yet) and I’m basically exactly halfway…but they’re coming in fast. I’ll try to finish typing them all up tonight, and then start making some charts!

  49. Brilliant idea! I do hope that sooner or later we’ll start seeing more proportionate avatars, especially in the fashion industry!

    and there, take a little piece of me:


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  55. I decided to do my current favorite shape in 3 different furry avatars. Just to show how skins and attachments can change the way the same shape looks!


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  57. […] found it very interesting idea I saw on flickr’s Patricie  who in turn saw in Strawberry’s blog and then I discovered the group on flickr and also decided to share with you my measurements. I am […]

  58. http://ladyanjilet.wordpress.com/2011/04/15/she-got-a-donk-whats-your-digits/

    I had so much fun with this <3
    Love seeing all the different shapes and sizes people are in SL. So diverse!

  59. Berry:

    I know there are still pictures being added to the Flickr group, but after just over 250, I had to stop for my own sanity. I’ve got all the digits submitted compiled in two spreadsheets (one for male AVs, one for female), and have come up with an “average” shape for each. Now that’s done, I’m starting to put together some interesting statistics.



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  61. […] once i’ll speak in english and don’t tell a story ^^ Answering Strawberry Singh ‘s question, it’s my turn to share with u some digits about my avatar […]

  62. Berry…just wanted to say this was an AWESOME challenge! To see others dimensions and try them on for size was really interesting as well. I can say my hands look much better at 20 than 10. I see the difference in pictures. I might even go up more! Thank you!! =) Xo

  63. I looked up the digits on mine, I’ve made it from scratch and tweaks it at least once a week ^^


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  70. I’m a little late to the party, but I finally got my digits done:


  71. I so adore how positive and unique this sharing of digits has become. What a positive experience :) Usually I am way too shy to put myself out there like this, but this little challenge (lol not really little anymore is it?!?) totally was worth taking that step. Many thanks for making it such a positive experience for so many!!

    ps … I totally swooned when you left a comment on my blog … thank you for making my day :)

  72. Hi Strawberry!

    As the zillion comments already attest, what a wonderful blog post!

    I think all the peeps who call for Proportions over raw slider numbers are right on… except that SL avatar shapes aren’t “real”!… and I’m not even talking about the Pamela Anderson breasts or the Arnold Schwarzenegger biceps or even the Size 0 “footbinding”, but we’re almost all way taller than fleshvatars in the physical world. So, given that we’re so used to seeing tall, very tall, or extremely tall avatars, it’s hard to say how to use “normal” proportionality… but I still think it’s the right approach.

    For those who encourage against sharing either on the grounds of individuality or copyright, I’d remind them that there are 100e78 possible female shapes in SL, or writing that out longhand, 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 possible female shapes.

    It is literally the case, that if you started making female SL shapes at the moment of the big bang, and made a new shape every second, then the universe isn’t nearly old enough yet to have made all the possible female SL shapes.

    True there are only 100e76 possible male shapes in SL, but that’s still quite a few. And yes a lot of the more extreme slider values probably aren’t used that often (except by Four Yip of course! :) but I do think there are plenty of shapes to go around.


    I actually found Vaki’s “average avatar” post first, and it led me to your original post and to the flickr group:

    As I commented on her post, I’ve dabbled in this area a bit also with an “Open Source Avatars” project:


    Thank YOU, and VAKI so much for these inspiring ideas! I’m thinking of doing a performance in May featuring “Average Female” and “Average Male” avatar shapes. I think it’d be really interesting to take Vaki’s 12 of 78 female numbers and her 13 of 76 male numbers and let peeps apply those to their own shapes – so, for example, you and I would have the same Height, Torso Length, Arm Length… but you would have “your face” and I would have “my face”…

    I’ve done a number of performances where we “present the human/avatar directly to the viewer as an act of unmediated sculpture (it is common for a sculptor or painter to insert themselves as a “seeing eye” and “talented hand” in-between the human body and the viewing public, but I’ve tried not to present “painting” or “sculpture” but to present the body/avatar directly as a work of art/sculpture

    Thank you so much Strawberry! I’m actually “returning” to SL on Saturday, and you and Vaki have really inspired / catapulted me into starting on new work!


    — Vaneeesa Blaylock

  73. […] This challenge begun by Strawberry Singh has taken on a life of its own over on Flickr, amassing, at this point, 309 members and 255 images (and they’re still coming in). As the project progressed, people kept wondering if their shape was normal, if their arms were shorter or longer than normal, and indeed what was “normal” — what the average avatar proportions were. […]

  74. I understand many love this. Specially shape sellers in sl.
    I think the whole idea with sharing this is stupid.

  75. It always does the heart good to see an idea derided behind the veil of anonymity. Yes, some shape makers may object to this type of disclosure, but some of the base numbers that have been shared are not a fool proof blueprint to copying the shape. Honestly, if someone wanted to duplicate a shape outside of a copybot, it is possible, but it takes a lot of work.

  76. […] Your Digits?” The thread was started based on a blog post by Strawberry Singh, also titled “What’s Your Digits?” and the associated Flickr and Plurk activities. I had just reshaped myself prior to the start of […]

  77. Aren’t we all anonymous on the internet…

    OpenMetaverse/ Copybot or not it’s very easy to recompile SL viewer sourcecode with your own custom code that can take almost anything, but that is of course a violation of TOS. Nothing is foolproof in SL, but some put a lot of work into a shape to get the right look. Anyway that’s my opinion.

  78. Before you go on thinking all this was stupid, that it is ripping shape designer’s work etc, please consider who you are talking to.

    Strawberry Singh is a blogger and a very talented photographer in SL. It is her job. Many would just keep their techniques for themselves and certainly wouldn’t share anything with the masses in case one might bring some concurrency. On the contrary, she is spoiling all of us with quality tutorials about blogs, photography, shadows, etc. She is sharing her shooting locations also. Thanks to her tutorials, a lot of people have improved their pictures. How many would use shadows without her?

    The question Berry has asked goes the same way: sharing, learning, improving. I hardly see what is stupid about this.

  79. Hi Strawberry!

    Thank you again for this inspiring post. I’ve written up my performance, “VB26 – Average” which we’re going to hold on the An Li sim on Saturday 30 April. We’d love it if you’d join us!
    — Vaneeesa


  80. I adore seeing this! And all the contributions thus far! I’ve submitted mine, and posted on community.secondlife.com @ http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Identity-and-Relationships/What-s-your-digits/td-p/829599

    Thank you Strawberry and everyone who’s been participating.

  81. I don’t even know what to say, thank you Torley! You just made my day. <3

  82. Awesome! Welcome to the party, Torley!

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  84. […] was a responce to a blog post to strawberry Singh to post your body shape that is used in Second life (not posting ALL the numbers) worked hard on […]

  85. Madelyn Meriman says:

    Great idea, had to jump on the band wagon :-) Here’s some digits…


  86. […] Singh started this discussion of body size and proportion for SL avatars back on April 12th here.  As a rare blog reader, I would have totally missed the chance to add my two cents, but thanks to […]

  87. I posted my digits – finally! I rarely do challenges, etc., but this was fun. I can’t wait to go compare my avatar with others’. Not that I’ll change a thing about mine. I love my avatar! Here’s my blog page: http://acquisitive.wordpress.com/2011/04/25/desirees-digits/

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  89. […] both, lol. I had to figure it out! So this is my blogger nod post to Gogo with a boob video, and my digits to […]

  90. I love how the “Ideal Female Figure” is… wearing heels! roflz

  91. […] These are my digits. What’s your Digits? […]

  92. […] and Shape Expo 2011 After i saw Strawberrys Singh post on whats your digits? it got me also curious about learning about the different shapes in Second Life, so decided to […]

  93. […] Strawberry Singh posed a question to all of us. “What are your digits or avatar […]

  94. Eleri Ethaniel says:

    I’m way late to the party, but I posted mine to the group!

  95. […] So here are Girl Dale’s vital stats, per the meme: […]

  96. I‘ve tried to let make my avatar as much like RL me as possible.
    I also believe in realistic scale and have build my sim that way.

    My digits;
    Height – 28 (about 6ft)
    Head size – 79
    Arm length – 70
    Hand size – 50
    Torso length – 55
    Leg length – 61
    Foot size – 0

    If I could I’d put all my RL measurements into the appearance editor.

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  98. […] guys remember back in April, when Strawberry Singh did that whole “What’s Your Digits?” thing, and there was the Flickr group, and then I went completely bugfuck with the statistics, and I made […]

  99. http://softpawthefairycat.blogspot.com/2011/09/mesh-fae-kitty-and-her-digits.html

    I got posty one night and it fit in with talking about Mesh..so..I am so very late to this party but still here!

  100. […] a new sort of hybrid Clone / Individual. Based on research by Strawberry Singh and Vaki • https://strawberrysingh.com/2011/04/12/whats-your-digits/ • […]

  101. I’m late but I’m all in! The comparision was a bit shocking to me. Maybe my head is disproportionately small.


    Great post, Berry… hugs

  102. […] are doing. I can’t help it- if it looks like fun, odds are I’ll give it a try. So when Strawberry Singh posted the ‘What’s Your Digits?’ blog I was interested…and then when I […]

  103. […] am about a year late doing this challenge, but better late than never right?  Strawberry Singh challenged fellow bloggers last April to share their digits and these are mine.  Thank you […]

  104. Thanks for the update, Berry. FWIW, I have finally put my average shapes on the marketplace. They’re still free and full perm.

  105. […] April 12th 2011, I wrote a post asking people to share their digits. I was feeling a little insecure about my shape and wanted to see how I measured up against others. […]

  106. […] may recall from a year ago, Berry asked us all what our “digits” were.  She was curious for various reasons, […]

  107. […] year i missed this challenge/meme  What’s your digits? altogether since i wasn´t blogging at all and i never got around to posted on the SLU thread with […]

  108. […] Image by THEMA.FELIX I blogged my response to Berry’s question about avatar […]

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