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Rebake SL

Rebake SL

What is Rebake SL you ask? Well it is a neat new project spearheaded by the renown fashionista Celebrity Trollop, along with Ryn Starfall and Elusyve Jewell. These three are the geniuses behind this newsletter. That’s right, it’s a newsletter that gets directly sent to you by email every Thursday highlighting some of the week’s best new content, making it easy to consume, read more if you want to and buy because they provide a direct link to a SLURL in world and/or the SL Marketplace.

It’s great for people like me that like to keep up with the fashion scene but I just don’t get the chance to sit and read the fashion feed or all the wonderful different blogs. Rebake SL gets sent directly to me and I can be updated on the week’s happenings all in one go, within 10 minutes.

To sign up for this newsletter you can visit their website at and subscribe.
They have their first issue from a few weeks ago available online here so you can take a glimpse.
You can also follow them on Twitter –
Add them on plurk –
And like their facebook page –
This way you will always be notified every Thursday of their new issue.

I have received each one so far and discovered many great deals. They even highlight some fantastic items available on the SL marketplace.

Happy shopping everyone! <3


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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