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And the moral of the story is…

Spring dance

I am really behind in blogging and I miss it dearly. So over the next few days I hope to spam you all with lotsa new fashion posts. Todays is about the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser. The skin is from Glam Affair, currently available at the fundraiser as well as the gorgeous necklace from Donna Flora. I went a few nights ago and picked up quite a few items. It’s wonderful to see so many content creators coming together for a great cause.

Spring dance

I heard there was some drama about it and I don’t know all the details, nor do I care to, but I did want to share this story from a very important book that my father used to read to me when I was a little girl. Please excuse my poor translation and if I forget or mixup any information.

Long time ago there lived a scholar named Luqman. Luqman wanted to teach his children a very important lesson in life. So one day he asked his son to come travel with him on a journey.

On this journey Luqman brought a donkey along and requested his son to ride the donkey. So his son rode the donkey as Luqman followed on foot beside them. After a little while they came across a group of people who stared at them distastefully and said,
“What a disrespectful son! He makes his father walk on foot as he rides the donkey so comfortably.”

Upon hearing this, Luqman and his son switched positions and Luqman started to ride on the donkey while his son followed on foot beside him. After a little while they came across another group of people who stared at them distastefully as well and said,
“What a horrible father! He makes his son walk on foot while he rides the donkey so comfortably.”

Upon hearing this Luqman asked his son to join him on top of the donkey. So they continued their journey with both of them riding on the donkey together. After a little while they came across another group of people who stared at them distastefully as well and said,
“What cruel people to put so much weight on such a little animal in this scorching heat. How can the poor donkey carry such a burden?”

Upon hearing this Luqman and his son both dismounted and continued their journey on foot beside the donkey. After a little while they came across another group of people who stared at them and pointed and laughed while repeating,
“What foolish men to walk on foot in this heat. Why aren’t they using their donkey?”

At this point Luqman turned to his son and said,
“Now do you see son what the people have said. No matter what you do or how you do it, people will always find a way to criticize you.”

So the moral of the story and my reason for sharing is, don’t try to please everyone, because that is impossible. Do what you feel is right in your heart. I’m not only sharing this story for content creators, but for bloggers and anyone else that can gain from it. I too have been questioned a lot recently about why I only blog certain designers and why I only promote people that I am friends with. It upset me a bit when I heard that, but I realized that I can’t make every single person happy. So I just do what I feel is right and what makes me happy.

Alright, so that’s the story I wanted to share. Kinda weird talking about donkeys and such in a fashion post, but it’s my blog and I’ll talk about donkeys if I want to! 😛

Happy shopping everyone! <3 Credits: *Skin: Glam Affair - Sakura skin by Aida Ewing (Available at Pacific Crisis Fundraiser)
*Eyes: :: Exodi :: Reflective Eyes – Honey (Sm/NV) by Ryker Beck
*Hair: [elikatira] Just – Brown 02 by Elikapeka Tiramisu
*Dress: Kyoot – The Ground Beneath Her Feet (Go Lightly) by Saeya Nyanda (Available at Chic Limited)
*Shoes: NX-Nardcotix MANA Edith Super Color Pack L SLV.2 by Nardya Rousselot
Jewelry: Donna Flora by Squinternet Larnia (Available at Pacific Crisis Fundraiser)
*Poses: Idea Motus by thess Larnia
*Promotional copies
Location: Lost World


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

19 thoughts on “And the moral of the story is…

  • Sometimes it takes a story about a donkey, to overcome the asses one finds in life. XO Beautiful.

  • Stephen Venkman

    Whimsy said it all and then some. <3 your blog.

  • Dearest Berry I am so looking forward to you spamming the heck out of me with new blog posts. We’ve missed your frequent blogging. <3 your blog to pieces. Great story you shared as well. Thank you! <3

  • *waves to my big bro Venk* Yes, Whimsy said it well… and the story was GREAT Berry — It is YOUR blog and you have a bunch of us who follow you and look forward to your posts… *points to self and grins* Keep doing what makes you happy Berry and the rest will fall into place! :))))


  • The donkey story is very apt. (And Whimsy gets a star for her comment!)

  • thanks for sharing the story !

  • So I just do what I feel is right and what makes me happy.
    (Quoted from Berry) =)


  • SadieMae

    Its funny, someone new to sl asked me the other day what has sl taught me in 7 years, and i did not hesitate ” It has taught me , that no matter what you do someone is going to bitch. So do whatever you want.”

  • You should have used different font…

    steals your nose and runs giggling hysterically.


  • Can’t for the blogoverload! Good to see you blog and wow you look amazing! Love the story and moral is so true! <3

  • And once again, Berry posts an ass blog…


  • Only you could make a fashion post and a donkey story work together.
    I missed your blogage too, please keep doing what you do, no matter what they say. I think you are just too awesome for some people 🙂

  • I always tell that story to my students ( i’m a kindgarden teacher)!!! Congratulations! Love your blog!

  • This makes up for the Plurk I read about you earlier! I am glad you are true to yourself, that’s all that ever counts in this endless rat race anyhow. xx

  • Silena Constantine

    Great story.
    The world can kiss it, keep doing what your doing Berry.

  • spokentruth

    Been lookin for this awesome story…! nweiz avoid the crowd and do your own independently, be the chess player not the chess piece

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