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Male Fashion – Prad Prathivi

Male Fashion - Prad Prathivi

Mr. Prad Prathivi is probably one of the most renowned Second Life residents. His talent for building is hard to miss and his award winning blog, Metaversally Speaking, has kept us all informed and entertained on many occasions.

These days his time in SL is quite limited. He’s been keeping himself busy in his RL although he does think about returning to build inworld once again. Since he’s the guy I always thought to be “in the know” I asked him his thoughts about Linden Lab and if he believed that SL would still be here in 5 years. His very wise and well-informed answer was:
Prad Prathivi: SL™ will still be around, but the way it’s going, it looks like it’s being stripped down and primed to be sold off. They’ve bought in Rodvik to hold the fort, and it’s being said on the grapevine that a lot of the key investors have already pulled out. I think SL will be sold off and then go into demise as it further disillusions the community. What comes next is anyone’s guess. The most successful online communities all have mobile versions and apps though.. any virtual world that wants to succeed needs to take that into account. My advice.. don’t make any huge investments in SL, and don’t hold too much faith in the Linden dollar currency.

And there you have it folks, wise words from Mr. Prathivi!

Male Fashion - Prad Prathivi

I recall the first time I met Mr. Prathivi. It was at a party where he approached me and right away started making fun of my name. Typical behavior of his, since he just loves to find ways to tease and torture everyone. I do admit to behaving like a complete moron and giggling like a schoolgirl whilst laughing at all his jokes. Little did I know that he, himself, is the devil incarnate. YES! I SAID IT! This is my chance to take my revenge for all the years of mental anguish knowing him.

Ok so maybe I am exaggerating a little bit. At the risk of totally embarrassing myself, I’ll admit that he is also another one of my favorite flickr artists that I had the biggest crush on back in the day. I love his work and his sense of humor and I still remember the first time he ever did a pile-up picture of me, I was in shock! It was also because of him that I met Mr. Revolution (although I’m not sure that’s something I should be thankful for? :P).

All in all, Mr. Prathivi is probably one of my most favorite people to joke around with. He makes the time you spend with him enjoyable and he seems to have this gift of being able to engage and include every person in the room. I’ve been lucky enough to attend a few of his parties, (where I took embarrassing pictures and I even got an awesome t-shirt with his name on it) and I have always felt warmly welcomed.

Thank you Mr. Prathivi for years of entertainment and also for taking the time to pose for me. <3 What Mr. Prathivi is wearing: Hair: UncleWeb Studio - Ash Hair Skin: LaVie - Neo v2 (Dark Stubble) Top: Aoharu - Leather Tailored Jacket with Black Shirt Jeans: Aoharu - Vintage Denim (Dark) Shoes: HOC Industries - Easy Striders Neckchain: Shiny Things - Belou Necklace Location: Kowloon


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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  • Winter Jefferson

    “At the risk of totally embarrassing myself, I’ll admit that he is also another one of my favorite flickr artists that I had the biggest crush on back in the day”


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