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Male Fashion – Ganymedes Costagravas

Male Fashion - Ganymedes Costagravas

Today’s male fashion post is about one of my most favorite ginger haired men on the grid. I first noticed Mr. Ganymedes Costagravas a while back on flickr. I always thought he had tremendous artistic ability and incredible building skills. Last year I was fortunate enough to have a chance to take a pic of his house that he had built on the Ursa Major sim before he took it down.

I find his av fascinating and his sense of style just completely different and daring. I love that he enjoys taking chances but always manages to look well put together. These days he is not building much, but enjoys collecting trinkets from all over.

Male Fashion - Ganymedes Costagravas

While I was snapping away, I asked him what he liked to do on SL and also what he liked most about it. He answered that it was definitely building, but he doesn’t really do much of that anymore. He is an explorer at heart and loves traveling the grid and discovering the creativeness of others. At the same time he also loves to get creative on his own with styling and adores scrambling together decoratives.

Lots of talent and mystery all jammed pack in him. But you can take a sneak peek on his blog to learn more about him or check out his art in his flickr gallery.

I have to admit, I’ve been really enjoying doing these male fashion posts and getting to know my victims subjects more closely. I’m going to try and do more every week. 🙂

Thank you Mr. Costagravas for posing for me. <3 What Mr. Costagravas is wearing:
Skin: CheerNo ~ Reese Ginger “Pale BD 5 shaved”
Hair: CheerNo ~ Muca 8.3B
Eyes: Poetic Colors ~ Deep Jungle
Tattoos: Psycho Kat ~ Wild Flowers (vintage item) & Garden of Ku ~ Wired Garden
Shirt: Aoharu ~ Silk Shirt “brown”
Pants: MiaMai ~ Regalia Homme “white”
Boots: Surf Co. ~ Paperboy Ankle Boots (exclusive for One11)
Helmet: Picnic ~ Retro Helmet Narcissus King (exclusive for Designers United 4: Narcissus)
Necklace: Earthstones ~ Falling Leaves
Poses: Avatrian ~ Helmet Carry (included with a full armor outfit) & Outrider Animations ~ Male Stand 9


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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