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Erratic has recently released a small selection of sporty attire that I am just loving. My favorite part is all the different colors and combinations they come in. They are so bright and happy, and perfect for all your sporting needs.

I paired it off with the Akeyo Akidaz which are unisex and come with this awesome hud so you can color change just about everything.

The gorgeous braids are from Discord Designs and I picked them up at Garden City Relief fundraiser for NZ Earthquake. I believe tomorrow is the last day for this fundraiser so if you haven’t been yet, please do take the slurl now, there are lots of goodies there.


Rogan Diesel of Diesel Works released his groove poses today and asked me if I’d like to pose for the vendor. I love how energetic they are and totally perfect for showing off that big booty. 😀

Diesel Works Groove

Before I wrap this up, I just wanted to quickly stress how important it is for content creators to get their items listed on marketplace. Especially these days when builds are becoming more complex and lag and crashing is constant. Also, for people like me who are lazy hermits and don’t like to leave their skyboxes often 😀 marketplace just makes a shopper’s (and also a gift giver’s) life a lot easier. So please content creators, please get your items on marketplace! Whenever I remember I will also try and link to the marketplace stores of the items I blog from now on too. Thank you! <3 Erratic on marketplace -
Diesel Works on marketplace –
Akeyo on marketplace –
Discord Designs on marketplace –

*Skin: PXL by Hart Larrson
Braids from Discord Designs by Kallisti Burns
Aphro from Another Level by Izabell Babii
*Clothing: Erratic by Erratic Rain
Shoes: Akeyo by Artoo Magneto
*Poses: Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel
Windlight Setting: StrawberrySingh – Emerald
*Promotional copies


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

4 thoughts on “Groove

  • Lyrilen Moonshadow

    I want to thank you for your overall blog work – and specifically for two things in this post which I think would be quite revolutionary if more bloggers picked up the habit. The first is noting your Windlight settings (and thank you for all your open information about those in general) and the second is your marketplace urls. Fascinating. Thank you for your efforts. They are enjoyed.

  • Totally love the SLmarketplace for shopping. In being a participant in the 52week color challenge, it is so much easier to shop for a specific color in the marketplace than inworld and this carries on to just about whatever you need. I do hope more creators place there items on the marketplace, and I would be glad to post their urls in my blog.
    Thank you for your post Berry.

  • Thank you Persephone, Lyrilen and Laila. I will try and link to marketplace whenever I remember. I do almost all of my shopping there now.

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