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There’s an exciting new store by the name of Shine, created by talented photographer Sophy Violet. Shine brings us sophisticated attire while utilizing a lot of sculpts to add drama and flair to the design. Check out Shine when you get the chance.

Dutch Touch has released a new VIP exclusive skin by the name of Sterre. To purchase Sterre, join the Dutch Touch Skins & Shapes VIP group, activate your group tag and voila! You have access to an exclusive skin, only available to the members of the Dutch Touch group. I’m wearing the fudge tone but there are 4 different tones available.

Berry Lashes

I’m about to start a little project that’s been in the back of my mind for a while. I told Mr. Revolution my idea and he’s smirking and betting on how long I get bored of this. LOL I do admit to starting many things and then leaving them behind in the dust just because I am so antsy and always looking for a new adventure. But today I am just gonna go ahead and do it. About 3 years ago I created a group inworld called Berrylicious. At that time, my goofy friends and I used that group to chatter amongst ourselves and sometimes we invited random men we would meet in our travels and torture them in group chat LOL (yes I know, we are so very mature). Anyhow, that was a long time ago and these days the group was just kind of lying dormant. A few of my older friends are still in the group for some reason though LOL.

Now, what I’ve done is gone ahead and made the group public and I’d like to use it to get to know my blog readers a bit more. I will be involved in group chats on a regular basis, just to chat, socialize (since I am usually stuck in my skybox shooting) and share tips and tricks as well as learn from whomever else would like to join. I will also send notices to the group anytime I blog and/or hear about a sale or event that interests me and I would like to share with my group members.

A lot of times what happens is I’m given something to blog and it has to do with an event or special sale or a group gift. And even though I adore the item, because of my hectic schedule, I just don’t get the chance to blog it in the timeframe it’s available. So this way I can at least share the information with my group members.

To kick this off, I decided to send a free gift to the group. You’ll see it in the notices if you join. A month or so ago I was just goofing around in ps and decided to try to make an eyelash tattoo. It’s not amazing or anything, but hey it’s my first face tat and it doesn’t look all that bad. 😀 So it’s yours for free if you join me. My group will remain open now and there will never be a fee to join so you can come and go as you please.

Let’s just hope I don’t get bored of it too soon! 😀 Join my Berrylicious group inworld!

*Skin: Dutch Touch Sterre – Fudge by Iki Ikarus (Only available to Dutch Touch VIP members)
Eyes: Glam Affair – Stella Eyes 03 by Aida Ewing
Eyelash Tattoo: – Berry’s 1st Lashes (Free for Berrylicious group members)
*Hair: Plume – Punk/Onyx By Fauve Beaumont & Lulu Jameson
*Necklace: Kari – The Kraken necklace -Tarnished (F) by Menno Ophelia
*Bodysuit: S H I N E-AVAH – BodySuit/black by sophy Violet
*Nails: ::je suis…naive::Nails::No.001 by Julia Merosi
Ring: Donna Flora SQUARE ring onix by Squinternet Larnia
*Poses: Olive Juice– Runway + Poses by IsabellaGrace Baroque
*Promotional copies
WindLight Setting: StrawberrySingh.Com – Morganite (with light photoshopping)


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

3 thoughts on “Shine

  • Re. the group, the Amazing Kreskin (or me channeling him) predicts you won’t get bored… You’ll get swamped! Thanks for doing it. And for your great tutorials.

  • Delilas

    best DT skin since River, in my opinion…Im really happy for this! Also, I love that you’re one of the few that really uses DT skins (as a blogger). I get tired of Lelutka and Laq faces everywhere!

  • Thanks for such a great post and the review, I am totally impressed!

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