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Male Fashion-Stephen Venkman

Male Fashion - Stephen Venkman

For today’s male fashion post, I managed to get Mr. Stephen Venkman to pose for me. Even though I warned him about my evilness towards my male fashion post victims from time to time, it didn’t affect him any and he was just like “bring it on” LOL.

But, I’ll be nice and I guess I’m just gonna go ahead and make an ass of myself by admitting that he is probably one of the biggest crushes I had when I first joined sl and started getting more involved in the sl flickr community. I was always in awe of his talent, his gracious nature and most of all his damn good looks. He, to me, is one of the top 5 most gorgeous male avatars I’ve seen on the grid. He is always stylishly dressed and if you check out his flickr gallery you’ll see how amazingly talented he really is.

Male Fashion - Stephen Venkman

But that’s not all. He is also a brilliant content creator. He creates some of the most unique male shapes on the grid. His store is called Body By Venk and you can check out his flickr set here for a detailed look. His shapes range from the ruggedly handsome and totally drool worthy to the adorably cute. So boys (and girls with male alts) if you are looking to spruce up your av, definitely check out Body By Venk.

Thank you so much Mr. Venkman for your patience and for gracing my blog with your presence. <3 What Mr. Venkman is wearing:
T-shirt [arnadi] -Tshirt Ramones white
Jean shirt: NINIKOBOY Denim shirt 02
Jeans : *Coonors* Hip-huggers Jeans Black for Men
Boots: DECO – Lumbermine Boot
Elbow Patches: Alphavillain – Elbow Patches (Red Flannel)
Hat: Kari Newsboy Cap Stiched. Retired.
Adjunct _ Delta Glasses

Location: 19 Motorcycle


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

11 thoughts on “Male Fashion-Stephen Venkman

  • Have to agree… he is not only a good friend, is gorgeous, creative and… man, i so (heart) Venk!

  • Winter

    Venk is awesome. He’s a top bloke, ridiculously talented and is always one of the first to step forward and compliment and encourage other people. I (heart) him too! Yay Venk!

    And now enquiring minds NEED to know who your other 4 are? :p

  • ohh Berry, we share crushes, I remember when I was told he was shooting me for Face of the Darklands, I was so in fangurl mode I could barely form english looking type. He is Truly talented AND a wonderful genuine person <8

  • Mr. Crimson, I <3 him too! 😀

    Mr. Jefferson, I am not gonna tell you the other 4. 😛 But I can tell you that none of them are VAMPIRES!!! :P~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Elu, you are also one of my crushes! <3 *girlkiss*

  • Stephen Venkman

    Hey Berry,
    Hmmm… a Lucy and Berry sandwich.. now there’s a crush! Ok, now you have me off subject here… This is fantastic. Love the pictures.. love the post.. Love you for having me here. Anytime my friend.. anytime. Ask Raul.. I get nekkid for him whenever he wants. LOL

    Sends Mr. Winter a thank you shape in the mail.


  • Lacie Babenco

    Stephen is one of the best of the best. It’s also true that Berry is too! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing you both and all the lurve here is justified. My only regret is that when I wager against Stephen’s Vikings, I lose and end up dressed up in a cheerleader outfit for a revenge pic. GRRRR!!!

    Seriously, this is an awesome set of pics, he’s a great guy and you captured him superbly!

  • Stephen Venkman

    Mr. Winter,
    I believe she’s including all my alts in that count. :P~

  • You’re not kidding! Venk remains one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in SL. It’s so much fun to see you two collaborate!

  • Seren Dawes

    Many big hearts and hugs for Venky…I remember his first TABLE build….(he was as insanely talented THEN as he is now). And only slightly better dressed..(not mentioning your penchant for pirate outfits, that would just be cruel). Hearts and flowers, Venk, you’re gorgeous as always. Great captures, Berry!

  • Nigel Riel

    Venk is one of a kind. And I think your photo captured it in many ways. He’s one of the good guys.

  • Definitely down to earth nice guy even with all his fame and fortune! lol

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