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Bloggers We Love – Carthalis

Bloggers We Love - Carthalis

Adorable blogger Makenzie Irling (with her cute eatable nose :P) has given us a great blogger’s challenge. The Bloggers We Love challenge is perfect for this week because it’s almost Valentine’s day and we get to request our favorite bloggers to pose with us for a post.

So of course, I knew this would be the PERFECT opportunity for me to take advantage and molest one of my most favorite male bloggers on the grid, Carthalis Rossini.

Bloggers We Love - Carthalis

Carthalis is a man of few words, definitely a strong, silent type. However, his presence is just so powerful. Even on his blog, he rarely writes much, it’s his style and pictures that do the talking. He blows me away with every post. His creativity and his love for the unusual keeps me going back to his art over and over. He’s inspired me so many times. Thank you Carthalis, for all that you do…and for posing for me patiently today. <3 I hope you guys get a chance to do the Bloggers We Love challenge this week. Lets spread the love around. <3 What Carthalis is wearing:
Skin: Ispachi Gabriel Vanilla Bald/5 O’shadow
Hair: Exile Adam Greystone
Eyes: Ispachi Reality Eyes Metal
Earring: Rozoregalia Gemma
Beard: No.07 Freestyle Black Type 2
Suit: Aoharu Pinstripe Formal Suit Black
Boots: Ispachi Holmes

What Berry is wearing:
*Skin: Belleza Erika
*Hair: Truth Amelie
*Dress: Icing Gala Affair
Shoes: Pixel Mode Baby T
*Jewelry: Caroline’s Jewelry
*Promotional copies

Pose in 2nd pic: Essential Studios – Time of my Life
Location: AM Radio Sim


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