Mermaid Berry

Mermaid Berry

I’ve been wanting to dress up like a mermaid since last October when I first plurked about it. Well finally yesterday I just carved out some time to go on a shopping spree and transform myself into this creature. I absolutely love it and might stick to being a mermaid for a while now. :D


As always, my plurky friends really came through for me and helped me out quite a bit. Read the following plurks for more information on how you can become a mermaid:

Where to buy a high quality mermaid outfit –
Where to buy mermaid poses –

I was dropped some poses from some of my plurk friends and I really loved them! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take a picture using all of them, however I do want to say that *~*HopScotch*~* by Chandni Khondji has some amazing Mermaid poses and even gorgeous clams to sit in. I wasn’t able to take a pic with that for this post cuz I was running short on time but I am planning to do one next week hopefully with the clam. I totally loved it! So make sure to check that out too!

Let’s all be merfolk! :D

*Skin: Dutch Touch Jaliah Ebony CafeNoir by Iki Ikarus
*Hair: *Plume* Nymphea II/Soil by Fauve Beaumont
Mermaid outfit: Evie’s Closet – Nereida Mermaid – Cream by Evangeline Miles
Necklace & Crown: Evie’s Closet – Celebrian Collar by Evangeline Miles
*First Pose: BeScene mermaid by Shae Sixpence (not released yet)
Location: Moonfall Bay
*Promotional copies

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