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Male Fashion – Hunain Bellic

Male Fashion - Hunain Bellic

Hunain Bellic is the talented designer behind Huz Tats. The first thing I noticed about Hunain when I met him was that he talks too much. I’m not even kidding you, he can talk your ear off for hours and he types like he’s running a race. And yes I do admit to being mean to him quite often, I’m not sure why…it just gives me great pleasure. Especially when he says things like this to me: “Hunain Bellic: i cud swear if we peel ur skin there is cold steel inside…thas how mean u are” It gives me such a feeling of satisfaction. LOL

Male Fashion - Hunain Bellic

In all honesty, Hunain is like the younger brother I never had. He’s a sweetheart, very caring and genuine. He’s put up with a lot of yelling and lecturing from me, but never held it against me. Recently he also gave me some great advice, and I will always appreciate that. <3 Male Fashion - Hunain Bellic

While I was taking his pictures, I asked him one simple question (What do you like most about SL?) and he went on for about an hour trying to answer it. I believe what he wrote could be turned into a book. LOL So this is a small excerpt from his novel:
“Hunain Bellic: What i love about SL is that I am able to be what I want, where, how and with whom I want, most of the times that is :P..but its the flexibility of SL that I love, being able to express myself is a high for me”

And he does express himself very well. Every time I see him, he is stylishly dressed. He’s got impeccable taste, a keen eye and an amazing talent for crafting some of my most favorite tattoos on the grid. But the best thing about him is, his kind and friendly nature. <3 Hunain's fashion blog with Grazia -
Huz Tats blog –
Huz Tats on marketplace –

What Hunain is wearing:
Skin – [ DNA ] .::.:LEGACY:.::. [_TYPE 4B_] [_FAUX_] STUBBLE
Hair – “LoQ Hairs” Grappa Cellini For Man Black Pack
Shades – Reek – Ramesh Aviators
Suit – [Soren Jaakobs] Verce Suite {Charn}
Shirt – [ hoorenbeek ] Tuxedo 2.0 Shirt – White
Piercings – [MANDALA]TAKAYAMA Face&Ear piercing
Finger Tapes – *SL* Finger Tapes w/ nails
Tattoo – [HUZ]-Por Vida-Beta (Coming soon)
Shoes – HOC Industries – Easy Striders
Poses: Long Akward Pose & Diesel Works


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

4 thoughts on “Male Fashion – Hunain Bellic

  • I have to agree totally. Hun is a total darling, I’ve known him a while and can honestly say he’s one person I wouldn’t want to not have as a friend.

    Great post xx

  • I had the pleasure of talking to him once and he is charming to say the least. I did however forget to be mean to him. /wanders off mumbling and taking notes…

  • I am not really sure if the aim of this post was to compliment me or be mean to me in a twisted way! But compliments from Berry are rare anyways, specially for me..but thanks for the few good words you said for me <3, You are one of my early friends on SL really and one of the handful left of those, I really respect you and look upto you as an elder "sister" *cough*…lol..but thanks so much for always being there to listen to my continuous mumbling and ranting and what not. You are great in what ever you do and I will always be here to help you in any way I can and be there to eat your brains out…I could write more here, I actually want to, but that would just prove the point of the post above 😛 So I will just stop here!

    @Tracy and Geddy – I am humbled with your kind words for me, truly I am, just know I am always there if I will be needed, in any way I can be. Only beautiful people can see the good in others and I you both are yourself so kind and amazing that I find it hard to treat you otherwise! Its you, not me 🙂

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