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Ozimals Year of the Bunny Hunt

Ozimals Year of the Bunny Hunt

Not only is it the Year of the Rabbit but it is also Ozimals first anniversary! In light of all this, Ozimals is having a Year of the Bunny Hunt running from Saturday, January 29 through Sunday, February 6 on the Magic of Oz and Ozimals sims. You will definitely want to check out this hunt because it will be featuring gifts from some of your favorite Magic of Oz and Ozimals creators. I’m wearing a few items that will be available today and the hunt starts at 1pm SLT, so don’t forget to check it out!

Ozimals Year of the Bunny Hunt

Ozimals Year of the Bunny Hunt Instructions:
1. Pick up a basket for collecting Chocolate Coins. Baskets can be obtained on the Magic of Oz and Ozimals sims.

Magic of Oz Basket location:
Ozimals Basket Location:

2. Once you have your basket, find it in your inventory and select wear. The basket will attach to your right arm and, if you turn off your AO, it will animate you with a hold animation for the basket.

3. Search the Magic of Oz and Ozimals sims for Chocolate Coins. When you find one, click on it and it will magically appear in your basket.

4. As soon as your basket holds six Chocolate Coins, a dialog menu will pop up with a list of stores offering hunt gifts. Make sure you use back/next buttons to see all the available stores. There are 16 in total. Select the store you would like to get your gift from and click its corresponding number on the menu. **Please note that there are TWO Hunt gifts from *katat0nik* so you will want to make sure to collect both *katat0nik* Chinese Good Luck Symbols.

5. You will receive a Chinese Good Luck Symbol for the store of your choice. Find the Chinese Good Luck Symbol in your inventory and select wear. When you equip the Chinese Good Luck Symbol, it will tell you what store it is for and in which sim that store can be found, Magic of Oz or Ozimals. Go to the correct sim and find the store.

6. In each participating store with a gift you will find a Candy Box. Get close to the Candy Box, within 2 meters to be exact, and click on your Chinese Good Luck Symbol. You will receive your gift.

List of Participating Stores:

Sanura Sakai – Sanu
flexagons Villota – mocha
Kira Spaatz – Houses for You
Tamrielle Halderman – Fae Fantasy Bunnies
Sookie Slafford – Jolly Farm
Elizabeth Tinsley – Frippery

Magic of Oz
Sierra Sugar – eMOTION
Katat0nik Pidgeon – *katat0nik* (2 Gifts)
Risusipo Jun – Risusipo Shop
Tamrielle Halderman – Fae & Tiny Fantasy Creations
Utano Schell – MnM Design
Misteria Loon – Pas De Deux
Azriel Demain – Falln Angel Creations
Allegory Malaprop – Schadenfreude
hyasynth Tiramisu – ~silentsparrow~

7. Fill your basket 16 times to receive all the Chinese Good Luck Symbols and collect all the awesome Year of the Bunny Hunt gifts!

8. Once you have gathered up all the colorful gifts from the Magic of Oz and Ozimals merchants you can turn the basket into a commemorative Ozimals Year of the Bunny keepsake. Clicking on the basket when it isn’t completely filled with Chocolate Coins will give you the “Done” option to end the hunt, which creates a permanently full basket of Chocolate Coins and deletes the hunt script.

Have fun and Happy Year of the Rabbit! <3

*Skin: ::Dutch Touch:: ::Jaliah:: Ebony – CafeNoir – Basic CL1 EBB MO FR HB by Iki Ikarus
*Hair: >TRUTH< Neve Streaked - espresso by Truth Hawks *Poses: Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel Eyes: Schadenfreude Brown Bunnyflake Eyes by Allegory Malaprop (Free in Ozimals Hunt)
Outfit: *katat0nik* (black) Eva Bunny Outfit by Katat0nik Pidgeon (Free in Ozimals Hunt)
Mouth: *Sanu Year of the Rabbit Painting by Sanura Sakai (Free in Ozimals Hunt)
Bracelet: ET~Year of the Rabbit Bracelet (Ozimals Exclusive) by Elizabeth Tinsley (Free in Ozimals Hunt)
Location: Magic of Oz
*Promotional copies


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