The Tale of Snow White

The Tale of Snow White

“Once upon a time long, long ago… there was a beautiful and kind woman named Snow White, who was loved by all. Well, loved by everyone except the Wicked Witch who was jealous of her and had plotted to kill her. She’d given Snow White a poison apple to eat.”

Snow White fell in a deep sleep, waiting for her prince to come and rescue her.

The Tale of Snow White

Very recently I was asked to be Snow White, and who can refuse such an offer? Especially if the prince is named Carthalis. Read Prince Carthalis’ post and see how he rescued me. <3 When he teleported me to come pose with him, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at the scene that rezzed before me. There on a grassy green hill rested this beautiful prop with a stunning backdrop that took my breath away. Then I saw the bed that I was supposed to lie in and I was even more amazed. It was as if the fantasy was real. But that's not all, what's amazing about this prop is that it actually tells you a story as you go through it. It begins with introducing you to the tale of Snow White and as you click through the different poses (which you can see on Carthalis’ post here) it goes further along in the story. The ending though…ah the ending. It certainly came as a huge surprise to me! LOL Carthalis also left out the ending on purpose I believe, so as not to ruin it for all of you. So make sure to go down to Studio Sidhe to check out the Tale of Snow White with a surprise ending.

This prop was loads of fun and beautifully assembled. It was a pleasure to pose with you Carthalis, thank you. <3 Now I can't wait to have you on my blog....I hope very soon. 🙂 You can get my full credits on Carthalis’ post, but I do want to add that I picked up this gorgeous Snow White costume from one of my favorite costume stores, Deviance and this spectacular Tale of Snow White prop is available at Studio Sidhe.


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