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ProPosers Hunt

Since I didn’t get a chance to shoot some pictures for a blog post today, I thought I would share some pictures of what I have been up to. Aside from doing some personal photography for some wonderful clients that I’ve had a great pleasure in meeting and interacting with, I have also had the opportunity to work with some great content creators for some commercial work that I’d like share with you.

First is for oOo Studio, for the ProPoser’s 3 hunt. You just need to join the group, wear the tag, find the turquoise hand, and you can get this pose for free! It comes with the one pose shown and the tub which is 3 prims. The hunt starts midnight tonight and you can check out the Proposers blog to see all of the designers that are participating.

Also check out Olaenka Chesnokov’s flickr for the whole vignette that will go on sale tomorrow, on January 15th. It is 106 prims including the tub, walls, flooring, romantic candles, books you can’t read (except the open one), window and side table with towels and bottles. There are 5 couple’s poses and the steam turns on when you touch the right (side) faucet handle.

oOo Studio slurl:
oOo Studio blog:
Proposers Hunt blog:

Avenue Magazine - January 2011

I also did some photography for Osakki for this month’s Avenue Magazine pages 32 to 42 as well as the cover with talented designer Kaysha Piers. Read the great article and learn more about the brains behind the Osakki brand.

Osakki slurl:
Osakki blog:
Avenue blog:


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