VanGuard is a new mens fashion label that offers a wide range of clothing and accessories to satisfy any style. I especially loved this Vermont sweater which is really well done and perfect for a chilly day.


They have an assortment of items sectioned in themed rooms. So boys, if you’re looking for warm winter attire, streetwear or even simple basics, check out VanGuard now on the FresH sim.

*Skin: [ DNA ] .::.:AXEL:.::. [_TYPE 1_] [_HAIR_]FUZZ-FRECKLES by Brox Riaxik
*Hair: >TRUTH< Drake Streaked - barley by Truth Hawks *Sweater: [VanGuard] “Vermont” Sweater (Dune) by Dyce Parx
*Jeans: [VanGuard] “Tomi” Stonewash Jeans (Dusk) by Dyce Parx
*Boots: Kari – Duke Boots -Navy by Menno Ophelia
*Poses: Long Awkward Pose by Dove Swanson
*Promotional copies
Location: AM Radio at IDIA Laboratories

One thought on “VanGuard

  1. Stephen Venkman says:

    Thanks Berry. Great look, heading there now.

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