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Thank you Avenue Magazine!

Thank you Avenue Magazine! ♥

Avenue Magazine’s December issue is out now and I was their choice as Fashion Icon this month. When I was approached with this, I do admit to laughing at myself because I found the concept to be kind of funny. I don’t considerable myself an icon or even a good stylist by any means. But I am honored and was really happy and excited to be photographed for this feature by one of my favorite bloggers and photographers, Mischa Cuttita.

One thing I realized is, I give really bad interviews, LOL. Now I’m reading it and saying to myself, “DOH, why did I say THAT?” Ah well! You can read my interview on page 66 but also check out the rest of the magazine.

A big thank you to Sensuous Soulstar for the interview, Mischa Cuttita for the beautiful pictures and also to the whole Avenue Magazine team.

Also a heartfelt thank you to Zaara and Catero for always being there for me, encouraging me and loving me. You both make my SL worthwhile, even though I hate both of you so much. ♥

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Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

10 thoughts on “Thank you Avenue Magazine!

  • yaaay congrats, this couldnt have happened to a nicer stankier mango <8

  • Tatianna Faulkes

    Congrats! I rarely read blogs, but yours I love. You deserve this !

  • Thank you so much Mozart.

    I must apologize about the blogger challenges. At the starting of December in one of my posts I wrote that I will be quite busy in RL this month so I will not be blogging my regularly scheduled blog posts such as the challenges, love thursdays, etc…. I’ll just be blogging here and there quickly catching up with other things. I hope you understand and hopefully in January things should be less crazy. <3

  • You did wonderfully! You honestly made that one of the easiest articles I’ve ever had to write. A lot of times it’s like pulling teeth to get decent answers from interviewees, but your answers were so on point, I wanted to get as many in as I could because I loved them! Plus now I’m hooked on your blog and I stop by at least weekly to catch up on what I’ve missed, so you’ve definitely got a new fan on this end 🙂 Congrats and trust me, it’s very well deserved!

  • There’s something about Berry…

    I tried to pinpoint the reason why Berry & her blog stands out for me, and it’s this: More than being “humble”, Berry truly is classy – and I don’t just mean her fashion sense. On the one hand, she has dealt with nastiness here the way Jackie O. would, and on the other, she gives credit where credit is due. And in spite of her successes, success has not gone to her head.

    Berry, you ARE a fashion icon – and for more reasons that can be covered in the pages of a magazine article. Kudos!

  • Sensuous that is so sweet. Thank you. I’m still a little surprised but definitely honored that you guys chose me and even though it was weird talking about myself so much, LOL, it was still a fun experience. Thank you once again and also for becoming a regular reader to my blog! <3

    Rae I don't even know how to put in words how your comment made me feel. I really really appreciate your kind words. Thank you so much for making my day. <3

  • awww, you did really well in the interview 😀

    and I hate u too 😛

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