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Do you like my DNA?

Do you like my DNA?

Two new male skins from DNA Cloning Facilities, Axel and Damien. Damien is the more tall, dark and handsome type whereas Axel is cute, boyish, bratty and blond. I’m kinda really diggin Axel on man-berry. I think if I saw that walk past me down the road I would be like “helloooo.” Yeah so guys, definitely check out the new skins, they are delicious. Also take a look at my favorite male blogger’s Axel and Damien posts for more details on the skins.

Do you like my DNA?

When I got the skins and tried them on, I knew I just wanted to make them look a little badass and what makes you more badass than some awesome tattoos? I usually only wear tattoos from one place now, Huz Tats. That is my go to place for tattoos because he has a little bit of everything I would ever want. He’s got the best henna & kanji tattoos, funky colorful tattoos, horoscope tattoos and now he is even getting into face tats that are completely hand-drawn.

So after you get your new skins from DNA, make sure to stop by Huz to rock it out!

*Skins: DNA Cloning Facility
Hair: Black Maria
*Tattoos: Huz Tats
*Jewels: Rozoregalia
*Poses: Long Awkward Pose

*Promotional copies


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