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Berry’s Blogger Challenge – What I love!

Berry's Blogger Challenge - What I love

This week’s Blogger challenge is: What I love!
This week’s challenge is blogging about what you love about Second Life. Is it something in your inventory? A person? A feeling? What makes you log back into Second Life everyday?

You can look up any previous challenges in my Berry’s Blogger Challenge category and do them at anytime. <3


I love my alts and I love getting them naked and posing them in scandalous positions. hmmmm ok so maybe that’s more lust. 😛

What I *really* love about Second Life is I can be any shape or form I desire and do as I please. I love the freedom. It gives me the ability to go wild with my imagination and put that energy towards creating something that I can be proud of or at least entertained with for a short period of time.

Mr. & Mrs. Revolution  <3

And of course, I also love the people that I have met in my Second Life. The relationships that have blossomed and the inspiration and love I have received in return.

Oh and I also love cybersex…just sayin. 😛

First picture:
Hair: *Truth
Skins: *DNA Cloning Facility male skin & Belleza female skin
Nails: *Urbanity* Pretty Hand
Pose: *oOo Studio (coming soon)

Second picture:
All Hair: Truth
Skins: 1st girl – Dutch Touch, 2nd girl – Glam Affair, 3rd girl – Belleza
Pose: *oOo Studio

Third picture:
Catero: Credits in this post
*Skin: PXL Kasumi Dark (not released yet)
*Hair: Truth
*Dress: Zaara

*Promotional copies


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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