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Spicy Underpants

Spicy Underpants

At times I feel very privileged to have such wonderful friends, even if I feel I don’t deserve them. I’m quite anti-social and a hermit so not the most engaging friend at times. But I still appreciate the few that have stuck around and learned to deal with my mood swings and encourage me to be a better person.

Mr. Chaddi Masala is also one of those friends that has been there for me even when I threaten him and call him names. Well can you blame me? Do you know what his name is? In my language, chaddi means underwear and masala means spice. When I first read his name I was like ewwwwww. I remember the first day I was telling him about the cool indian club I hung out at when I was a newb. He asked me where it was so I gave him the lm and said, “Ok, but don’t you DARE tell people you know me! I don’t want to be associated with someone named SPICY UNDERWEAR!!” And of course the brat that he is, the first thing he did was go to the club when it was packed with all my friends and announce, “Hey guys, I’m Berry’s friend.”

Spicy Underpants

So I was hanging out with Mr. Spicy a few days ago and I really liked what he was wearing. He always brings out these really cool avatars and outfits that totally blow me away. I am still in love with his samurai outfit. This outfit is called “Death’s Master” and I thought it was very well textured and would be great for rping. I had to take a shot of him in it with his emo eyeliner on. LOL Totally loved the whole look and of course he happily obliged.

That’s what friends are for. They’re there for you when you need them and put up with all your crazy mood swings and crankiness. This love Thursday I am thankful for all my friends – Zaara, Cat, Sean, Chad, Sawyer, Winter, Elu, bishes (you know who you are) and everyone I chat with on plurk. Although I don’t get the chance to read all your plurks or respond to them, you guys always manage to make me laugh and smile, even when I’m being cranky and ranty. <3 Happy Love Thursday everyone! <3 Mr. Chaddi Masala is wearing:
OUTFIT: Mystic Sky – Death’s Master in Black by Skyler John
SKIN: Belleza – Shawn Tan 4-E
HAIR: Novocaine – Flynn
EYES: Poetic Eyes – Quicksilver
BRACELETS: Mandala – Reiki Black
PIERCINGS/EARINGS: Mandala – Soul Jewelry Black
BOOTS: Duh! – Men’s Grey Buckled Boots


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

6 thoughts on “Spicy Underpants

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  • Roxanna Edenflower

    Mr Spicy can come tell me about his underpants any time. 😀 Hawt!

  • Awww, Berry, thank you. I’m really glad you’re my friend too. <3 And awesome job on making me look presentable! As for the name – well, could be worse. Chaddi Pakhana, ftw? 😛

    Roxanna, there's not much to tell. They're undies and they be spicy. 😉

  • I still remember the first time I looked up the meaning of his name and couldnt breath from laughing so hard. Its a good thing he is such a sweetie, or it would just be icky..<8

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