Love Thursday – Strawberry Singh

“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”

It’s rare that you find a person who’s so kind, considerate and giving that they completely offset the bad you’ve seen in humanity. I’ve known Berry for nearly two years, and every day I am still in awe of what a wonderful person she is. Through good times and bad, she’s always been there for me. I simply lack the words to truly describe how much I love and appreciate her. It is an honor to call her my friend. Happy Love Thursday, Berry. <3

Love Thursday - Strawberry Singh





  • Jacket ~ Anton Trench by Jin Elfan @ Leverocci
  • Pants ~ Pioner Jeans -DarkBlue- by Jin Elfan @ Leverocci



  • Skin ~ Daniel LT Face00 Dark by Hart Larsson @ PXL
  • Hair ~ Smith – Silver Tones III by Maddox DuPont @ MADesigns
  • Hair Base ~ Hairbases :: Army White by Aeon Jiminy @ No.07 (currently unreleased)
  • Eyes ~ Elfin Eyes – Paprika by DurtTrashDurt Zipper @ <<< negaposi >>>
  • Ears ~ ElvenEar – Tease by Jasper Potez @ [ JP ] Design
  • Horns ~ Modified from Demon Lord by Lucia Cyr @ LostHaven


  • Sweater ~ Cashmere Turtleneck – Black by machang Pichot @ Aoharu
  • Jeans ~ Classic Jeans – Indigo by Zaara Kohime @ Zaara
  • Jacket ~ Traveler Coat – Dark Olive by AIR Winx @ Argrace
  • Piercings ~ Bolted – Razor by Aydan Darcy @ .HoD.

*Poses by Dove Swanson @ Long Awkward Pose

7 thoughts on “Love Thursday – Strawberry Singh

  1. wow, beautiful words!


    Thank you Sean. I’m the lucky one to have a friend that is always so encouraging and full of compliments. You make me feel better about myself and the work I do on a daily basis and I really appreciate that. <3

    BTW, don't think this lets you off the hook. I still hate yer guts for starting the whole mango business! :P

    ILY2 <3

  3. Aww, who knew he could be nice! :P Very sweet words.

  4. Awwww Sean that was incredibly sweet. I feel the same about Berry, she is one of the very best people I know, and I am so glad to call her a friend.


  5. It seems you blog ate my first comment *cries* but just said you both, Berry and “da münkeh” are sweet as a giant candy! <3<3<3 and even <4!

  6. Thank you all, but Berry should get all the credit. If it wasn’t for her encouragement and inspiration, this pic and post wouldn’t exist.

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