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Berry’s Blogger Challenge – Childhood Anecdote

Berry's Blogger Challenge - Childhood Anecdote

This week’s Blogger challenge is: Childhood Anecdote
This week’s challenge is blogging a childhood anecdote. Share a story from your childhood that resonates with you, and if you can, tell us how it has affected you as an adult. I would love to read some funny stories but feel free to share whatever you like.

Please remember to link to your blogger challenge posts in the comments below so I don’t miss them and thanks ahead of time for participating! You can look up any previous challenges on this page and do them at anytime. <3

It was the summer of 1990 and I was only 9 years old. I remember that summer well because I had no worries in the world and nothing much to do. There was no school, no camp, no job, nothing. That whole summer I spent relaxing, playing with my friends, watching movies and also reading a ton of books. One thing that I remember clearly from that summer is waking up everyday really early in the morning, before sunrise, while everyone was still asleep. I would then pop a video tape in the vcr of any bollywood movie that was lying around. I must have watched about 70 to 80 movies that summer. Since everyone was still asleep I had the family room all to myself. I would crank up the volume at every song and dance away as if I was the star in the movie. I even for a while thought about running off to India and trying to become a bollywood actress. LOL Glad I didn’t do that!

I have no idea why these times keep coming back to me, but I do think of them often. I had no worries, no traumas, no dramas, nothing. It was just me, carefree and innocent. At times I long for that peace of mind that we have as children. When we don’t have a worry or care in the world and to us the world is no bigger than our family room. We can close our eyes and get lost in the fantasy. As an adult, no matter how hard I try (and even with the help of SL) reality still lingers closeby.

Eid al-Adha Mubarak!

If you go back to my early days on flickr (please don’t, I’m kinda ashamed of my early pics lol) you will see a lot of ethnic-inspired pictures. That would be me reliving my childhood bollywood fantasies. lol I haven’t done a lot of those kinds of pictures in a while so it was great to break out some of my favorite Zaara lehengas and jewels and dance around in the White Taj.

The skin I’m wearing is the new updated version of Jolie from Dutch Touch. For a detailed look and non-photoshopped skin pictures, check out my Jolie v2 post on the Skin Addiction blog.

Also, it’s Eid al-Adha now so if you are celebrating I hope you have a wonderful and happy Eid! <3 Credits: *Skin: Dutch Touch Jolie v2 by Iki Ikarus
Hair: Analog Dog – kia brunette by Queue Marlowe
*Clothes & Jewels: Zaara by Zaara Kohime
*Poses: Long Awkward Pose by Dove Swanson
Location: The Black & White Taj
*Promotional copies


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