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An Introduction and Autumn Aoharu

Hello all! I’m Sean Black, and I’ve been a resident of Second Life© for nearly six years. After enduring physical and verbal abuse from Strawberry Singh for the past several months, I’ve decided to give in to her demands that I share with you my rather quirky perspective on SL©. My interests vary greatly, and my posts will definitely reflect this. Hopefully, some of you out there will get some use out of them.

Now, I know the items that I’m covering in this post aren’t new. I wasn’t shooting for bleeding edge fashion, just a look I put together while out shopping one night that I enjoyed. I’d been puttering around the grid visiting some of my favorite shops when I ended up at Aoharu. I hadn’t visited in some time and I was surprised at all the new items I found. These were just a couple of the ones I picked up.

Blog 13 Nov 10

I was trying to find just the right place to snap the photographs for this post, and really couldn’t think of one off the top of my head. I contacted Makenzie Irling for a suggestion and she chose the perfect place. She suggested Nordari, and it was exactly what I was looking for.

Blog 13 Nov 10

*Disclaimer: Because I wanted to show the clothing as they’d look when purchased, I haven’t edit them in any way, other than the overall color adjustments done to the images.



  • Skin ~ Daniel LT Face00 Dark by Hart Larsson @ PXL
  • Hair ~ SMITH – Silver Tones III by Maddox DuPont @ MADesigns
  • Hair Base ~ Hairbases :: Army White by Aeon Jiminy @ No.07 (currently unreleased)
  • Eyes ~ ELFIN EYES – Paprika by DurtTrashDurt Zipper @ <<< negaposi >>>
  • Ears ~ ElvenEar – Tease by Jasper Potez @ [ JP ] Design
  • Horns ~ Modified from Demon Lord by Lucia Cyr @ LostHaven


  • Sweater ~ AOHARU_BT_RibbedCollarSweater_Black/Nordic by machang Pichot @ Aoharu
  • Jeans ~ AOHARU_BT_VintageDenim_Dark by machang Pichot @ Aoharu
  • Undershirt ~ nit_black by mappy Handrick @ ARAI
  • Shoes ~ Easy Strider by Guu Nishi @ HOC Industries

*Poses by Dove Swanson @ Long Awkward Pose

Sean Black

Sean Black has been a resident of the virtual world Second Life™ since April 3, 2005.

6 thoughts on “An Introduction and Autumn Aoharu

  • Sean Black

    Maybeh <.< >.>

  • We all crave berry abuse … great post Sean!

  • Berry…would you be so nice to abuse him often, please?

    Mr. Monkeh! GREAT post and pics!

  • Sean Black

    😮 Thank, everyone. I’m surprised anyone even read it. lol I thought people would be like, “Oh no, not this dork!”

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