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Zaara Acira Gown for Auction

Zaara Acira Gown for Auction

The spectacular Acira Gown by Zaara is up for auction at the Call for Couture event organised by Chic Management. This special couture piece was created for a limited edition auction and the only reason I am able to wear this dress is I am one of the lucky selected few that will ever have it. The reason for that is I will be modelling it at the CFC fashion show which will take place on October 29th, 2010 @ 7pm slt. This is the slurl to the fashion show and this is how you will see me on the runway! 😀

I must apologize for one thing in these pictures though. My video card has died and since I am waiting for it to be replaced under warranty I requested my good friend Zaara Kohime to shoot these images for me when she had the time. However when I did that I forgot to attach the beautiful chains that hang from the chest. You can view them in Zaara’s post and pics here. We didn’t have the chance to reshoot so I am posting the pics as is, but at least you know that you have an option to wear it with or without the chains! 😀

You only have a bit of time left to bid on the auction, here are the details if you are interested:
Auction slurl:
Auction ends: October 30th, 2010 @ 11:33:34 am PDT
Auction currently at: L$3000

Zaara Acira Gown for Auction

I also want to give a big shout out to Shae Sixpence. When I heard that I was going to be in a fashion show, I kind of panicked because I had never really been a professional model or walked down a runway properly. This was all new territory for me and as you can see from my plurk I am a total newb when it comes to this stuff. 😀

All my plurky friends helped me a lot with lots of advice so thanks to them too! However Shae gave me an hour crash course in runway modelling inworld. LOL It was amazing and I learned SO MUCH! I really recommend going to her for all your runway fashion modelling needs. Her and Dimitri Shinn are both the owners of BeScene Poses and gifted me some amazing poses to use on the runway which you will see me using if you drop by tomorrow night! 😀 Just promise not to laugh at me if I fall off the runway or something (which will prolly happen) 🙁

After all the nervousness and stress, once I was finally up on the runway during rehearsals it was such a rush and SO much fun! So yes, this is my Love Thursday this week. Although, I’m not sure I’m willing to try it again! LOL

Happy Love Thursday everyone! I hope you come by the fashion show to see me tomorrow! 😀


Photos taken by Zaara Kohime
Edited by Strawberry Singh

*Skin: –Glam Affair– SofiaV2- Dark – 02 by aida Ewing
*Hair: Maitreya Miabella – Bistre by Onyx LeShelle
Hairbase: Tiny Bird hairbase in black by Autumn Hykova
*Gown: Zaara : Acira gown *bronze* by Zaara Kohime (Available for auction @ CFC)
*Earrings: Zaara : Ballari Gold Earrings by Zaara Kohime (Group gift – no longer available)
*Poses: BeScene Poses by Dimitri Shinn and Shae Sixpence
*Promotional copies


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

9 thoughts on “Zaara Acira Gown for Auction

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  • Shae Sixpence

    It was my pleasure and I’ll make sure I’m there, standing a the end of the runway tomorrow so you’ll have a focal point! You can do it!!!

  • Jessica

    The top part of the dress is really nice, the lower part does not flow, and textures look different. Kinda disappointing.

  • Jessica, I assure you it’s not. This gown is just as beautiful as all of Zaara’s other creations. Sometimes while shooting an image and/or processing, the light can hit the outfits at different angles making it look different from the other areas. If you would like, I would be happy to wear it in front of you inworld so you can see it with your own preferred viewer and windlight settings.

    Feel free to contact me inworld at anytime.

    Strawberry Singh

    P.S. Also can I suggest in the future, when giving constructive criticism, it makes your opinion more valid if you use your full SL name. Thanks again.

  • Jessica

    I think you need to calm down strawberry, and allow people their opinions, that are not biased and clouded with loyalty and friendship.

    I work in the design world rl and was browsing looking at items from your inworld designers and critiquing it in accordance with your virtual worlds standards. I found my review to be fair, Why else would you take the picture at such an angle? Hide the front etc.

    I am sure the winner is no doubt happy with the design and I believe that is all that matters.

    Perhaps your ability to take constructive criticism for what it is, just another’s opinion, require some maturing.

    As requesting my in world account, I am not sure why other than to draw up this child like temper tantrum you would require it. The bidding is done and there is no point to view the item.

    P.S. “This gown is just as beautiful as all of Zaara’s other creations”, Indicate blind biases.

  • Hi Jessica,

    I apologize I think you misunderstood my tone in which I wrote my comment earlier. I was not angry, or upset at all. In fact I was just trying to be helpful and let you see the gown with your own eyes and in your favorite windlight setting. I’m sorry if I came off as being harsh, for that was not my intention.

    As for the comment about your inworld name. I just stated that because usually when someone gives an opinion that they believe is “constructive” or negative in manner they would prefer to back up their very valid opinion to show that they are not an alt just trying to create drama. I meant no ill intentions and I would never have immed you inworld without your permission.

    As for why I would have taken the picture at such an angle, well unfortunately at the time these pics were taken, my video card was broken and Zaara had to take the images for me. She did the best she could with her computer. I probably would have taken it at another angle but I still appreciate the time she took to do it for me. So just wanted you to know, since I did not take the pictures themselves, I was not trying to hide anything.

    I admit, you are right about the blind bias, since Zaara is my friend I do appreciate and love all of her designs. However since I am her manager, I also always give her an honest critique of everything she creates before she releases.

    Again I’m sorry if what I said earlier left you with a bad taste in your mouth. It is never my intention to upset a blog reader of mine. I hope if you re-read my last comment to you, you will see I did not mean it to come off in the negative tone you perceived it as.

    Thank you once again,
    Strawberry Singh

  • Jessica

    It’s quite alright, and inconsequential at this point. As my main goal was to point out biases, that many reviews are written with, we all have them, a love for a dear friend we want to see succeed with their new collection. Though some designs may be ghastly, there’s someone out there who whole heartedly will adore it, and that’s what fashion is about, not some linear trend that we commercialize on. It’s bring something new, different and even horrible chaffing to sit in, into the new seasonal look. lol

    Take comments for what they are, and try to grow upon them, that’s my point. One person may love a new dress that’s a must have of the season, some of the best bead work and fabric we could find. A client in your store takes one look at it and says to you “Why does it look like my grandmother drapes?” Laugh it off, or if you see the issue, fix it. That’s all their is to it, but always own up. And I am impressed that you did.

    I will continue to enjoy seeing all the creativity in SL, and look forward to it’s expansion into our fashion world.

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