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Male Fashion – Kavar Cleanslate

Kavar Cleanslate

A few days ago I had the most pleasant conversation with Mr. Cleanslate in which he mentioned to me how he liked my male fashion posts and being the pure genius that I am (sometimes) I quickly asked him to pose for me one day! So today I have totally scored and had him in my embarrasingly messy and disorganized studio (think ugly box high in the sky).

If you don’t know already, Kavar Cleanslate is the talent behind Exile. I have blogged the lovely hair and skin from Exile many times because I do love it so. That’s why I am extra excited that he decided to humor me and not only pose for me, but also answer the questions that I threw at him.

Kavar Cleanslate

Here’s the part where I pretended to be a very important interviewer. 😀

Strawberry Singh: Can you tell me what you were doing on SL before you started Exile?

Kavar Cleanslate: sure, I was trying to learn to build hehe, I came from the sims 2 as a creator there, and I thought it would be so cool to make things here but it was a totally different world so the learning curve took me a while to master, and lots of throwing and screaming at times
Kavar Cleanslate: I say master.. but I think that’s impossible really, I should say I got a bit better over time (I hope)

Strawberry Singh: oh wow I didn’t know that. So do you think it’s harder to create items for Second Life than it is the Sims?

Kavar Cleanslate: hmm.. not really harder.. but totally different, two different animals really, but with mesh import there will be many more similarities

Strawberry Singh: What normally inspires you to make certain hairstyles or skin that you’ve made?

Kavar Cleanslate: hmm lots of things, I love visual inspiration so I will search for pics on the net, also movies, tv, strangers in the mall, manniquins in stores lol, I dunno.. there’s inspiration in weird places

Strawberry Singh: What do you think is the most challenging thing about creating in Second Life?

Kavar Cleanslate: at first I think its just gettting to grips with the tools you have to use, after that I would say staying relevant in such a big place with new designers up and coming all the time. And staying up to date with the changes in the things are made because of tech advances along with that.

Strawberry Singh: Did you ever try making anything else in sl other than hair and skin?

Kavar Cleanslate: I have done clothing in the past, and I would like to do collections of it still, maybe when mesh import goes live I will spend more time playing around with that. Theres a lot of stuff I would love to try with meshes that move with the body. I tried making buildings once and that was not really my thing, but I like the idea trying skyboxes for fun maybe sometime

Strawberry Singh: Looking forward to that!
Strawberry Singh: SO anything else you’d like to say to all your fans and stalkers? 😛
Strawberry Singh: i.e. me 😀

Kavar Cleanslate: You’re way to nice to be a stalker lol, I’m not sure what to say other then thanks for keeping me around for so long, and thanks for making creating worth it 😀 for all the bad things like copybot and griefing and crazies there is always someone every week that just messages me to say something postive about the store, and it kind of erases all the bad. So if I actually have any fans or stalkers, I love you! *waves*

Awwwww isn’t he such a sweetie? And so stylish too. 😀 I got his credits below but also remember to check out Exile. I really love his work!

Thank you again Mr. Cleanslate for taking time out of your busy schedule for me. <3 Credits: Eyes - Shine- Monet eyes-light blue grey Boots - Treads- K boots Jewelry - Shine- Vis necklace and Bracelet Skin - Zoobong/signature- Ocean (beach Pale) Shadow Coat and belt - Argrace- Tailored Jacket and leather belt Shirt- Baiastice- reverse-pink Jeans- Connors- Hip- huggers jeans blue Hair- Exile- Clint


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

6 thoughts on “Male Fashion – Kavar Cleanslate

  • Great interview, and i love the pictures you took of him! You made him look GREAT!

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  • Marianne Little

    He looks Berrylicous! 🙂 I love his look too.

  • Dasha Cvercko

    I remember Kavar quite well from Sims 2. When everyone else was playing it safe with hairstyles, he took chances and “rocked them out.” He continues to take chances in SL with his styles and I LOVE them. He is also so nice and easy to work with from a customer’s point of view.

    I’ve rarely found a designer so approachable.

  • awwww, great shots of this sweety!!

  • Beautiful pics, Berry.. and yes, Kavar is a total sweetheart!!

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