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Berry’s Blogger Challenge – Favorite Designer

Berry's Blogger Challenge - Fav Designer

A few people have asked me to start blogger challenges…which I’m not sure why because I’m so bad at doing them myself when someone else starts them! Anyhow, I finally decided, why not? Should be fun….or it could turn into another Love Thursday or Berry’s Favorite Things which I continue to neglect. LOL But no, I think I’ll try this for a while and see how it works out.

There is a plurker that is doing blogger challenges that people have asked me about. Unfortunately she’s not on my timeline, and I rarely send friend requests cuz I’m all shy and stuffs, but I think I’ll go ahead and send a request and lets hope she accepts! *fingers crossed* 😀 She does some great challenges as I can see from others that have been blogging them. They are really creative and interesting and I might try and do some myself. I did a plurk last night about it, asking who it was so in case you guys want to get more information about that you can see it here.

Now this is what I’m planning to do. At the starting of every week I will do a post here to start the challenge and if you’d like to participate it would be great if you could leave your link in the comments since not everyone reads the fashion feeds and I don’t want to miss your post. I’m going to keep my challenges pretty simple though cuz I’m just not that creative! 😛

Here’s this week’s challenge:
Blog about your favorite designer and why they are your favorite. What do you like about their designs? How do they inspire you? Do you have a story to share about any experiences?

My favorite designer has got to be Zaara Kohime, and not because she is my boss and best friend. In fact, the first time I blogged her I did not even know her at all. I remember it was back when I was only about 8 months old in SL. I had just started blogging, maybe about a month, and I was walking around my favorite indian mall when I happened to have run into a new store that opened up just that day. I still remember my first reaction when I saw her designs. I literally gasped at the quality and detail. I immediately purchased a few items and then blogged them here. (Make fun of my newbie blogging pics and I will KILL you! :P) Then I immed her and let her know I blogged her. We started chatting and that’s pretty much how my love affair with Zaara’s designs started.

Her latest Call for Couture items are stunning! The Acira minidress I am wearing in the picture is available at CFC as a prêt-à-porter along with a gorgeous couture gown version of this which is available to one lucky winner of the auction. Both the minidress and gown are covered in sparkling sequins which are all handdrawn and this is what I love about Zaara’s work the most. She is such a great artist! All of this started yesterday so make sure to take the slurl and bid on the auction! 50% of the proceeds from the auction will go to the Samaritans so I hope you take the time to visit Call for Couture and see the creative work from all of the designers.

I will post the Blogger Challenges in this category so you can keep up with them! I hope you guys participate, I’m looking forward to it! <3 Credits: *Skin: [LeLutka]-LOLA by Minnu Palen
*Hair: >TRUTH< Roxana Streaked - espresso by Truth Hawks *Dress: Zaara : Acira dress *nude* by Zaara Kohime (Available @ Call for Couture)
*Nails + Rings: [U&R DOGS] Zemfira Nails by Ruriko Jewell (Available @ Jewelry Fair)
*Pose: { Just A Pose } by Glamouramama Boa
*Promotional copies
Location: Woods – House Music Club


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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