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Belleza boys are comin to town!


The Belleza boys will be released this weekend after a long wait for the infamous Shawn. Since April 25th I’ve gotten at least one IM a week from random men asking me if I had any idea when Shawn will be released. I finally have an answer for y’all! This weekend is when the monumental event will take place. If it doesn’t…please don’t hurt me. 🙁 But I do have confirmation that they will be released this weekend. While you wait you can join the group inworld to pick up the group gift (not shown here).

There are two skins being released. Unfortunately I don’t really have all the information on the skins, such as how many skin tones etc… but I am wearing the darker versions of both Eric and Shawn in these pics. Each skin comes with 11 different facial hair options and each facial hair option comes with hairbase, chest hair or eyeliner. So as you see, there will be lots of choices!

I am really loving these skins, especially Owen. Even though he’s more of a blond and comes with blond hairbase and brows, I just find him to be so rugged and sexy. I had some fun playing in photoshop with him, you can see the pic on my flickr here.


My hair is actually FREE from BLACK☠MARIA and there is a HUGE selection of other free mohawks there so you MUST go there now and pick them all up like I did! 😀 A big thank you to Mr. Carthalis for telling me about all the free hair. Also check out his Belleza post for more details and pricing on the skins.

The jewels are from Fusion at the Jewelry Fair, and I am LOVING their items. They have some gorgeous pieces for the ladies too but today I am just wearing the mens pieces. You can check out the Fusion blog to see their items in more detail or visit them at the Jewelry Fair at the Beast’s Castle.

*Skins: Belleza Owen & Shawn by Tricky Boucher (To be released this weekend)
*Hair: +++BLACK☠MARIA+++ GIZ by Opera Qunhua
*Jewels: :Fusion: by adria Joubert (Available @ Jewelry Fair)
Location: AM Radio at IDIA Laboratories

*Promotional copies


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

2 thoughts on “Belleza boys are comin to town!

  • Pfft mens! * in her whiny voice* But Berry when are the women’s coming out? huh? huh? huh?

  • Oh Whispers, you know in the group notice they said that a new female skin will be released in just a few weeks…so yay!

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