2010 Jewelry Fair

2010 Jewelry Fair

The 2010 Jewelry Fair is now open to the public from October 8th to the 17th. The charity chosen by the jewelers of SL to benefit from this fair is Oxfam. Oxfam is a confederation of organizations working together with partners and allies around the world to bring about lasting change to help people in poverty improve their lives.

Rarely does an event have such an effect on me that I cannot wait for the opportunity to visit and make some time for. I’m usually not a big event-goer only because I do not have the patience for the lag and such. I just tp over to drop something in the donation box. However, jewels are something I just cannot resist. I believe out of all the hair, skins, clothes, etc… that are in my inventory, my jewelry folder is the most important to me. There is nothing that really transforms your look than the perfect necklace, earrings or ring. Although smaller in size, jewelry is what usually stands out to me the most.

2010 Jewelry Fair

Upon my discovery of the theme at Jewelry Fair this year (which is Beauty and the Beast), I became even more ecstatic! This is one of my most favorite fairy tales since I was little. And I have to say, the build meshes so well with this theme. It’s absolutely beautiful and extremely low lag. I was able to take many pictures with my shadows on, and I was zooming around all over the fair without any issues. Delora Starbrook of Haven Designs and Dream Resistance of Fantasia have done an outstanding job building it together. But don’t just admire the build from the outside, make sure to step into the castles to view the stunning roses that are housed inside. Although I must admit, my favorite are definitely the huts.

2010 Jewelry Fair

Aside from the jewels and the build, there are many other things you can find and do at Jewelry Fair. One very important thing you can do is eat a lot of onions and garlic on October 13th and show up at the kissing booth at 8pm to make out with none other than everyone’s favorite vampire, Winter Jefferson! If you can’t make it that day, no worries, there is a long list of wonderful people that have volunteered their lips for the charity. So you can make out with any of them for L$50 and it will go directly to Oxfam. Check out the dates and timings listed in the Jewelry Fair events calendar. You can also check out the Jewelry Making Classes in the calendar as well, which I’m definitely looking forward to.

2010 Jewelry Fair

Now be warned, in my next several blog posts I will be showcasing all of the wonderful jewelry I have been able to get my hands on. I am so happy this years theme is Beauty and the Beast!

Now for some links and slurls.

Jewelers of SL website:
2010 Jewelry Fair slurl:
Full list of participants with slurls:

The fair is split up into four sims and jewelers are situated together according to style of jewelry. Here are the names and descriptions of each area with slurls for your convenience:

  • The Forest: a winding path through trees and foliage, with gypsy wagons, tinkers’ carts, cabins and straw huts featuring fantasy, ethereal and eclectic style jewelry.
  • Beauty’s Castle: a majestic castle and grounds with formal, fancy and traditional jewelry.
  • People’s Village: charming, old-world Bavarian style shops around a town square featuring casual style jewelry.
  • Beast’s Castle: a vast, dark castle and grounds with gothic, occult and BDSM type jewelry.

I hope you have as wonderful a time as I did at the fair and don’t forget to check out the auction area! <3


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