Present from Mr. Jefferson!

I got a present from Mr. Jefferson!

Every once in a while Mr. Winter Jefferson drops a folder of something on me, last time it was cookies! Most of the time it makes me gush and love hate him even more. But today I just can’t stop laughing. I literally have tears rolling down my eyes so I had to take a pic with the interface so y’all knew that it was actually ME! I dunno how he finds these places but this little beauty is from and I KNOW y’all will wanna get it (and also laugh at me) so I thought I would blog it and share it with you guys! :P

Thank you Mr. Jefferson! I <3 you. I think I'll walk around like this for the rest of the day! Anyone having a big party? :D

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9 thoughts on “Present from Mr. Jefferson!

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  2. Kallisto Destiny says:


    Winter rocks!

  3. Whispers Magic says:

    OMG! I spewed my tea all over my screen! I am laughing soo hard! You look adorable!!!! What would we do without our Mr. Jefferson. :)

  4. mmmmhhh yummy you :p

  5. I’m so glad you liked it. I promise I only licked it a couple of times before I sent it to you…


  6. daquari Stawberry says:

    Got Chocolate?? We all need friends like Winter!!!! LOL too darn cute

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  9. LOL…Yummmy Jefferson!

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