One last frolick

One last frolick

So can I get in one last frolick in the summer garden before autumn weather hits and it’s too cold for dandelions and short dresses? I adore this dress from Miel. It’s so cute and fun! Also, the dandy puff that you attach to yourself and it creates floating dandies swirl around you is pure genius!.

I hope you guys are having a great weekend! <3 P.S. It's Mr. Revolution’s birthday today, so please IM and torture him for me! I will love you forever and ever! kthx <3 Credits: Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::JoSje:: Caramel – Natural EBBlond FR CL1 by Iki Ikarus
*Hair: “LoQ Hairs” Con Panna – by Gia Pawpad
Dress: MIEL DANDY – olivine by Mika Nieuport
Shirt: Whippet&Buck Cole Boatneck Top by Twiggy Whippet
Bracelet: LaGyo beauty bracelet by Gyorgyna Larnia
Earrings: HOC Apparel – Pickle Earring by Guu Nishi
*Shoes: HOC Industries – Yay Wedge by Guu Nishi
*Pose: Just A Pose by Glamouramama Boa
Location: Arcachon Village

*Promotional copies

5 thoughts on “One last frolick

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  2. You live in Florida. You have warm summer weather pretty much year round.


    Stop encouraging people to torture me!

  3. The torture is my birthday present to you! SHUTUP AND DEAL WITH IT! <3

  4. Merci Berry to have chosen Arcachon :)
    Your photo is awesome !! Très beau !

  5. Thank you Eve! Arcachon is such a beautiful place. I will definitely return to take more pictures some day! :)

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