TD Templates

TD Templates

I always try my best to blog and get to know the content creators that support by blog by getting some advertising space. I have to admit, when TD Templates first approached me to start an ad campaign, I did not have a lot of information about this area of the market since I never thought about designing myself. So I thought I would ask them more about their business and how they started out. Here’s what they had to say:

TD Templates evolved from our love of creating designs for SL and sharing them with new creators. We work as a husband and wife team, starting back in 2007 with our own individual shops, Typhaon Nishi having a top menswear store and Suzy Somerton having a beachwear store. Both stores were very successful and we were constantly asked for custom orders. We decided to put a few of our designs up on the template market and help other people with making their designs. The template market was in desperate need of good easy to use templates, we had found our niche in SL. Three years later we are now the biggest template store in SL, with over 500 templates available in our store. We share our ideas and creations now with our group of over 1500 members, bringing out new templates every week. A lot of our time is spent working with new creators in SL and, giving advice on how to use the templates. With the onset of people becoming more familiar with clothes making we have a massive supply of psd files available now too and we constantly help with working with photoshop, paintshop pro and gimp.

The aim of our templates is to endorse creativity for people in SL who are new to the fashion business, still learning the basics of clothes making and with the help of our templates, stepping up in an easy way to get their business out there.

We encourage all our customers to add their own ideas to the templates, making them exclusive designs, we have been amazed at the creativity that has come from people who have barely touched the surface of clothes making in SL. Our templates urge to inspire the vibrant minds of the future fashion designers in SL.

Upon meeting them and checking out their sim, I’ve discovered there is a wealth of resources there for new up and coming content creators. I might give it a go myself! 😀

Check out TD Templates website or visit them inworld.

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