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Even though I am still quite sick and I sound very tired and sleepy in the video, I still decided to go ahead and do it since a lot of you have been waiting for it. Turning on shadows in Kirstens Viewer is actually very simple and straightforward so I hope I don’t disappoint you guys.

For those wondering what kind of computer I am running, you can view all of my system specifications in detail on my system specs page.

Now here’s the video or you can view it on my youtube page:

Here are the steps to enable shadows in Kirstens Viewer for those of you that have difficulty hearing or viewing the video:

  1. In the “Me” menu select preferences and go to the graphics tab
  2. On the left side of the graphics tab select Lighting and Shadows & Ambient Occlusion
  3. Click on the drop down menu below Shadows and select Sun/Moon + Projectors
  4. Play with the shadow quality slider on the right hand side until you get good quality shadows at the lowest setting possible so that you do not crash
  5. Choose a windlight setting that will be ideal for shadows
  6. Take a high res snapshot! :)

» You can view all of my current tutorials on my tutorials page.

*Skin: TIK TOK~Body Care ~ Heather-mocha-chocolate by Miah McAuley
*Hair: Exile Venus/blackcherry by Kavar Cleanslate
Eyes: Poetic Color Eyes – quicksilver – by Lano Ling
Dress: Evie’s Closet Aventine Gown – Blue (Blue Fairy) by Evangeline Miles
Wings: Fancy Fairy Selenia Saphire wings by Violaine Villota
*Pose: [snOoky’s] by Snooky Mubble

*Promotional copies

10 thoughts on “Tutorial – Kirstens Viewer Shadows

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  2. I love your tutorials, Berry! Thanks for taking the time to organize them.

  3. Berry, i aprecciate your help, i am very happy for this!!!
    You are amazing *-*

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  5. Trinetty Skytower says:

    God bless you Berry for your awesome tutorials and willingness to share your tips and tricks…. Because of your recent post I decided to give shadows a try ONE MORE TIME. Always been unsuccessful in the past to capture a snapshot of them… And I’m so glad i did… Here’s my result:

    Thank you thank you!!! *hugs*

  6. Berry, does this not work with a Mac? It wont even let me check the lighting and shadows or ambient occlusion boxes :(

  7. Macs have a lot of issues with shadows, especially if you have an ATI card. You can try downloading the latest Kirstens viewer and trying that but unfortunately I’m not positive it will work. I did a post about Macs and shadows here if that helps you any:

  8. Olyvia Stratten says:

    Hey! First off I’d just like to say thanks a bunch for the tutorial. It really came in handy when I was trying to learn about shadows after I got my new laptop. I do have a question though, or a bit of a concern I guess. I got a brand spankin’ new gaming laptop, and I figured that it would be able to run shadows. Now, it can. But I noticed that when I take a picture of my avatar, no matter what windlight setting I’m using, my avatar’s face never looks good if light is directly on it. I’ve never once seen it as smooth as yours looks.
    Example: http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/9919/vive9blog003.png

    I noticed that you said something about Macs and ATI cards. But, I have an Asus laptop and an ATI card. So I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong when trying to use shadows, or if my card has something to do with it. I’m really hoping it’s not my card, because I bought this laptop specifically so I could run shadows in SL. It’d be a big help if you could get back to me on this, and thank you for your time!

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