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Savile Row brings the spirit of bespoke tailoring to Second Life

Savile Row - Oxford black

Very few events could bring me out of blogger retirement ¬†… if there is such a thing. One such affair is TaP-turned-Fleur-turned-5th & Oxford magnate CJ Carnot throwing his hat into squarely into the ring of men’s fashion in Second Life.

What else could I do but pick it up. And put in on.

Mr. Carnot’s new clothing line, Savile Row, bears the name of the renown shopping street in Mayfair (central London) that boasts boutique shoppes of fine purveyors of ¬†“bespoke” tailoring. In his new product line’s name and spirit, Carnot’s mission is to capture the spirit of fashion vendibles that are custom-made to the buyer’s specification. This dashing made-to-order tradition has made London’s Savile Row famous.

The elusive Carnot knows his craft. He knows his cloth. He knows his clientele. Most importantly, deep down beneath all his refined British tastes (cucumber sandwiches, Earl Grey tea and whatnot), he knows that, though most men want to look 007 good in order to have beer commercial bimbos or seductive femme fatales crawling all over them, they don’t a stitch about the steps to get there.

Savile Row - Cologne black 284x350 Savile Row - Harvard blue 251x350

Though honking car horns and hooting at lovely women are a staple in most men’s pickup repertoire, alas, gents, they get no results.

For the easily overwhelmed man who has not been endowed with¬†strategic thinking in fashion,¬†Carnot’s Savile Row removes the complication of well-styled mixing and matching by providing full outfits. This move launches the MSW past the first hurdle of looking good, allowing more free time study Neil Strauss’s The Game to bone up on the art of seduction.

Savile Row is now open, launching with 6 tailored outfits in 3 colour stylings each.

Yes, you too can look as spiffy as the boys over at  SL.ipster with no fuss, no muss and no intricate knowledge of fashion trends in real life or Second Life.

The necessary steps under Carnot’s tutelage are simple: See an outfit and like it? Buy it. Put on all the items in your purchase folder. Bam. Instant Colin Firth.

The only thing that’s missing now is your swagger.

Photographer: Strawberry Singh

Look 1
=Savile Row= Oxford black
Apollon/Homburg hat set03
Glasses: Danielle Black Fashion Glasses – by
Finger Tape:
SiniStyle Taped Fingers W/ Black Nails
Ring: P.C; Black Pearl Ring (No longer available)
[Armidi Gisaci] Alto Belmiro – Black
Diesel Works – Zephyr Set {pose #8}

Look 2
=Savile Row= Cologne black
*GA* Hats Kangol
Necklace and Ring:
(luc) “Peace Is Sexy” Mens Necklace,¬†SilverBrown
COURU white_blue_brown
*TorridWear* – Leo Stand 1

Look 3
=Savile Row= Harvard blue
>TRUTH< Jason Р black & whites
[GearShift] Relics – RED DAWN ::for men
Diesel Works РEnzo {pose #4}

*= Promotional copies

4 thoughts on “Savile Row brings the spirit of bespoke tailoring to Second Life

  • You wore it all so well; I’m sure CJ will agree. I’ll make sure he works hard to keep you out of retirement.

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