The realism in this skin amazes me! Gabriel is the latest male skin from Ispachi. He is set to be released tomorrow with loads of options to choose from. Please note that these pictures are minimally photoshopped. This is pretty much how these skins look inworld and damn I cannot stop staring at myself!


Here is some more information about these skins:

  1. 8 skin tones to choose from (pale to chocolate)
  2. 12 facial hair options
  3. bald and hairbase options
  4. with and without body hair options
  5. the skin will come with a scripted penis to match your skin tone exactly

What a great idea it is to offer the penis with each skin for a perfect match. This in itself is a great selling point! I chose not to blog it though cuz I couldn’t stop giggling at myself when I had it on…so y’all will just have to go down and check it out for yourself. LOL

Check out Carthalis’ post on Gabriel to see all the skin tones and options!

I hope everyone’s having a great long weekend and Happy Labor Day! <3 Credits: *Skin: ISPACHI Skin [ GABRIEL ] by Diarmuid Miklos (COMING SOON)
*Hair: First picture: .::MADesigns HAIR::. – Second picture: Exile (BOTH ARE FOR HAIR FAIR)
*Necklace: [AB]Male Bostonian Limited by Jori Watler
*Eyes: LeLutka
*Poses: Diesel Works

*Promotional copies

11 thoughts on “Gabriel

  1. :O COOLNESS!!! Waiting for the release of the skins tomorrow. Diarmuid made a WONDERFUL work with this skin.

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  3. DEE LI CIOUS…. I need to update my alt asap!

  4. Marianne Little says:

    Oh Lord! That second picture…. I am really floored over the skin tone, texture, everything… MMMMM! You use a shape you made yourself? I love the more slender shapes.

  5. The skin is in the store now so make sure to check it out! :D

    Marianne I didn’t make the shape myself. I got it from Manifest shapes but they are no longer in business.

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  7. The second guy is so sexy :D
    is he single ? ^^

  8. LOL the guy is meeee :P

  9. […] been very impressed with his work and have blogged it often throughout the years. I remember when I blogged his Gabriel skin using Manberry, I had a few girls message me inworld swooning over my male alt, lol. He’s always made some […]

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