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Love Thursday – Sean Black

Love Thursday - Sean Black

Even though Mr. Sean Black is to blame for the mango torture, I still ♥ him because he IMs me almost everyday showering me with wonderful compliments and makes me feel so loved. He is also one of the best landscapers I have ever seen. Anytime he decides to decorate a sim, I’m always left in awe. I honestly don’t think I have ever met a man as talented, caring and sensitive as Mr. Black. ♥ However, he is also completely INSANE that at times I don’t even question his craziness. LOL

So here’s the funny store about this picture. When I asked him if I could shoot him for a male fashion post on my blog, I told him what he wanted to wear and where he wanted to shoot was all up to his discretion. So the following day he IMs me stating, “I’m all ready and I want to shoot at Chakryn forest because I love this place and I’m already in the perfect pose.” So I teleport over and I see him hovering with his arms up flapping in the air, in front of this log and think to myself, “wth! but yeah it’s Sean so totally understandable” (LOL) Unbeknown to me, on his screen, he was actually sitting on the log in this pose and knowing his crazy nature I didn’t even *QUESTION* what I was seeing on my screen and just assumed that’s what he wanted. Ever since I showed him my picture yesterday and we discovered that SL played a trick on us, I can’t stop laughing. We were thinking of maybe re-shooting the pic, but then figured it would be more memorable this way. 🙂

Thank you Sean for all the love, laughs and inspiration. <3 you Happy Love Thursday everyone!

What Sean Black is wearing:
Skin: Cole: Chestnut – Dark Eyes from Dernier Cri
Ears: Animalistic Elven Ears from The Plastik
Hair: Modern Edge from Naughty
Undershirt: Wifebeater – Sheer/White from Zaara
Shirt: Nalin Summer Shirt – Blue from Zaara
Pants: R78s Straight Leg – Cool Blue from League
Feet: Jolie Pied (Flat) for me from SLink
Eyes: Grey Mist from AVid
Pose from Akeyo True Man Power AO (please read the full post for pose explanations)
Location: Chakryn Forest


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