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Male Fashion – Catero & Rogan

Male Fashion - Catero & Rogan

I started out this male fashion post with Mr. Rogan Diesel alone, but his brotherly love for Catero Revolution seemed to have taken over and he requested Cat pose with him during the shoot. At least I *think* it’s brotherly love *eyes both of them suspiciously*

We all know Mr. Diesel as the talented poser behind Diesel Works, but I think you should also know that he can be very mean when he wants to be and likes to IM me every once in a while with all sorts of threats of public humiliation. Do you see what kind of mental torture I have to consistently put up with?

Male Fashion - Catero & Rogan

Speaking of mental torture, it’s been over a year of my partnership with Mr. Revolution, which has included the continuous physical and mental abuse that I receive from him on a daily basis. Why do I put up with it you ask? He actually asks me the same question often, I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment.

But even after all the complaints I guess I still find them both quite stylish and I ♥ them both. (sometimes) Oh and btw, this plurk was totally Catero’s idea….just sayin.

Happy boy shopping! <3 Credits: What Rogan Diesel is wearing:
Skin: Belleza– Ewan v2 SK 1-E
Eyes: (Miriel) Standard Eyes – Silver Screen
Top: Zaara : Adyan Kurta
Pants: Valiant – Autumn Suit pants
Hair: UncleWeb.St Hibiki-Hair
Shoes: Redgrave Strap Loafer -Black-
Piercings: Deviant Kitties – Antic Set (Edited) –

What Catero Revolution is wearing:
Skin: MMS-CongoDARK-base-FACE2
Hair: -C- “Seabreeze” -Coal Black
Eyes: set 3-gayishbluishgreenish- shine *No longer available
Top: Zaara : Adyan Kurta *pine*
Shorts: [W&B] Harris Tartan Shorts IVORY
Shoes: Step Ahead – Mens Urban Sliders – Beige*

Poses from Diesel Works 😛


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