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Love Me!

love me

This whole week I’ve received so much beautiful content from many different designers that I took pictures in and even started to blog. Then I ended up hating the pictures and had such an urge to hit delete I couldn’t stop myself. Since the contest, for some reason, I’ve started to doubt and question my abilities. Which is kind of strange, you’d think the opposite would occur and I would be more confident. However, that’s not the case. I was about to delete this picture as well and scrap this post, but was encouraged not to.

It’s rather frustrating since playing in photoshop can be so relaxing and fulfilling to me, but instead this week it’s been reverse. How do you get over doubt and uncertainty within yourself? How do you find a way to trust in yourself again?

As for the outfit; I adore this top. It’s beautifully sculpted and really accentuates your curves. Also it’s modify, therefore easily sizable.

I thought big red lips would suit this shot well and when I think of big red lips, AtomicBambi’s Imani skin is usually the first that pops into my mind. The lips on this skin are absolutely delicious.

The shades are from one of my favorite accessory stores, O!Bleak. Designer Dotty Latte makes some of the most amazingly sculpted jewelry, shoes and other accessories.

The body glitter didn’t show up very well in the picture. It just looks like white dots but inworld it’s very sparkly and cute, unlike bling.

I think I’m gonna try and find a way to get over this slump that I seem to be in by taking a strawberry bubble bath and then head to bed soon. I hope y’all have a great weekend! <3 Credits: *Skin: AtomicBambi – IMANI SK!N – TAN by AtomicSparkle Skytower
*Hair: >TRUTH< Riley - Espresso by Truth Hawks *Top: KHUSH – Sculpted TubeTop (Black&Red) by Autumn Brune
*Skirt: (5th&Oxford) Rebel, Rebel Mini – *INKY* by Roslin Petion
*Glasses: O! Bleak Zipper Glasses by Dotty Latte
*Earrings: O! Bleak – DNA Earring Pack by Dotty Latte
*Tattoo: [HUZ TATS]-Floral Color by Hunain Bellic
Body Glitter: Masks & Feathers Body Glitter beta by dzogchen Moody
*Pose: Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel

*Review items and/or gifts.


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

8 thoughts on “Love Me!

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  • Akasha Divisadero

    I love the styling and photo…great job!

  • Chiara Laszlo

    There is a quote from Vincent Van Gogh that I love:

    “If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. ”

    Berry, you do wonderful things! 🙂 Just go on with your very personal style.


  • Trinetty Skytower

    I think Chiara summed it up nicely… we all (well most of us that still have some shred of humanity that hasn’t been hardened by compulsive egos) have our moments of doubt. We are, by nature, our own worst critics… I think most especially women. Your work is therapeutic for you, and it’s inspiring for us… Perfection is not human. I hope the bubble bath was therapeutic 🙂

  • Thank you very much Akasha.

    Chiara that is a beautiful quote, I hope you don’t mind if I pass it on to my plurk pals. I love sharing inspirational quotes with them on plurk. And thank you for the encouragement.

    Trinetty you are so right because I really am my own worst critic. The bubble bath definitely did help a lot.

    I really appreciate you guys taking the time to make me feel better. Thank you.

    I’ll stop deleting and just do my thing. 🙂 <3

  • I find you inspiring because I feel that not all your pictures are like WOWomgamazing(of course all your pictures are awesome, but some of them are especially breathtaking/memorable/classic, like the christmas card one with the meyer couple pose). But your pictures are beautiful/I think that all the photos/practice that you get, eventually lead to the occassional “wow”/stunning photos. Like Belleza heh. Plus this photo in particular looks perfect. I hope you don’t delete/doubt yourself 🙂 take care!

  • Berry! Hello! I just wanted to say that we all have gone thru those periods of self doubt and lack of inspiration. I happened to find your blog again, and by looking thru it, you have inspired me to start working on my Corel Photo skills again. (cant afford PS) 🙂

    Plus, just go back thru your blog and look at how far your graphic skills have come! You do amazing work and I always enjoy your fashion style. Keep up the good work!

  • Silver thank you so much. The christmas card is one of my favorites too, only because it is so meaningful to me. Thank you for the encouragement. <3

    Carmilla, you have no idea how much your words mean because I have been a long time fan of your flickr art. Thank you and can't wait to see more from you on flickr too. 🙂

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