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Berry’s Favorite Things – Plurk


Recently I’ve noticed a few comments on blogs, flickr and even plurk regarding the kind of people that use plurk for social networking. Plurk is getting to be known as a place where “drama queens” reside with timelines full of emotionally unstable rants and witch-hunts, 24/7. Although I admit that might be the case for some plurkers, but let me assure you, there is another side of plurk that you may not be aware of.


Plurk will always hold a special place in my heart, because after all, it is the place where I first met the love of my slife. During these past two years on plurk, I have gotten to know many people, made a lot of new friends that I wouldn’t have otherwise and discovered many new stores and places to visit in Second Life.

Take today’s outfit for example. I would never have known Tuli sent out this beautiful skin to her group since I do not read the Fashion Feed everyday if it wasn’t for my plurk friends spamming my timeline with it. 😛 Yesterday, I felt like shoe shopping and all I had to do was ask plurk and I got a ton of responses therein resulting in a major shoe shopping spree where I found the beauties I am wearing today.

I admit, I also do have my off days where I will go off on a rant or do an emo plurk. However, I do my best to surround myself with positive people so I can be nauseatingly happy and piss off all the jealous emo people! (Yes the rumors are true, I AM evil)

No but seriously, most of my timeline is full of me plurking about food, spamming my flickr pics, sharing my favorite bollywood songs, revealing my deepest darkest secrets, calling people meanies, demanding kisses, sharing too much information and sometimes I really have nothing to say at all. But more than anything, I just like to be goofy, torture people and make them laugh! <3 So you see, it's not all drama 24/7. It's actually a lot of fun and helps me get through the day with a lot of laughs. You just need to know who to befriend and who to follow. So you can start by befriending me! I promise I’ll be nice (maybe).

Finally, I just want to take a quick moment to thank each and every one of you that has left a comment on my blog, IMed me, emailed me or private plurked me to thank me for the tutorials. I couldn’t have done them without Catero Revolution’s help. Also please note it is the plurkers that gave me the idea to do the tutorials in the first place, so you actually have them to thank for that! I will be working on the last two very soon and they should be coming up in the following week.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend. I hope I see you on plurk! <3 Credits: *Skin: []::Tuli::[] Sayuri :: VIP update group special by Tuli Asturias
*Hair: >TRUTH< Annie - espresso by Truth Hawks Top: [SC] Surf Couture – La Plage Tee – Berry by Emma Gilmour
*Maitreya HighSkirt Raven by Onyx LeShelle
Shoes: [PM] Baby T Plain: Black by Tya Fallingbridge
*Necklace & Earrings: Baiastice-onyx pools set by Sissy Pessoa
Bangles: [MANDALA] Takara Bangle Zebra Fur Set by kikunosuke Eel
*Poses: Diesel Works – Scarlett by Rogan Diesel
*Furniture & Decor: ::TASTY:: BOOKWORM FULL SET by Veronica Kanya
Skybox: :::!off-brand Furniture::: Urban Skybox by Haruka Ackland

*Review items and/or gifts.


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

23 thoughts on “Berry’s Favorite Things – Plurk

  • Barbara Nicholls

    From one addicted plurker to another, I loved this blog. Thanks for sharing the lighter side of plurk. And thanks for being such a great plurk buddy to me. <3

  • I used to be a naysayer of plurk too – it seemed like every day I was reading about some drama or other taking place on plurk and then bleeding over to the blogs, lol.

    Since I became active on plurk though, I haven’t experienced anything negative, and am having a good time there. Met new people and tried new things. =)

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  • I’ve loved you since wayyyyy before Plurk but will continue to love ya wayyyyy after, too! But, for all of us who get so busy doing a billion things, Plurk is such a nice, quick way to keep in touch, and I feel so much closer to all my friends thanks to it, not to mention the fact that I’ve made so many NEW friends!

    And of course, as always, you’re prettier than me in this skin. DANG YOU WOMAN!

  • Fabulous post Miss Berry. Plurk is where I do all my chatting because I tend to only use IM’s inworld for work purposes. And it’s where I can tease you relentlessly about your you-know-what.

  • I love plurk too! I have met most of my friends in SL via plurk. It opens a door to experiencing Second Life that just didn’ exist before. Now when I see someone I follow on Plurk, I can go up to them as if we already know each other. The shyness many people feel with strangers is so greatly diminished. I do love it despite all the catty silliness that can take place.


  • Hey plurk_Berr y:) Thanks for speaking up on the good side of plurk. I prefer to avoid the dramazzz so am enjoying your timeline bunches for its discussions, links and just plain nonsense. Merci!

  • Plurk is a great place and can be dramatic here and there, but have met alot of great people, Berry your one of them, you been my friend on plurk since i first joined, we been friends since then =)
    thank you for posting this, it is nice to see a good side about plurk.
    I have learned alot about sl from plurk then i would have, i probably would still have my small shop on a fantasy island, just building random stuff. Never met the people i have met through plurk, and never learned more about me and about sl what is really out there.
    and it is fun to pick on you =P

    thank you for being a good friend =)

  • I think Plurk is no different from any other social network whether RL or SL or 3rd, 4th & 5th Life. Your experience of it is determined by your own personality and character and how you interact with people. If you’re into drama, you will be drawn into drama. If you’re into humor and fun, those are the plurks you will read and comment on and be drawn into. Negativity attracts negativity and positivity attracts positivity.

    You don’t blame tools for how you use them.

  • I love how you and I can have an entire conversation inworld using nothing but plurk emoticons.. usually the (nottalking) one. What the hell else would we talk about if not for plurk? :p


  • And that’s why I love the Berry! (girlkiss)

  • I also love Plurk! It has literally changed my SL and it’s all for the better. Great post!

  • I was just thinking to myself yesterday, actually, that I really enjoy your Plurkline because it is always sweet and drama-free. I know I will always find something positive there and that’s important to me. The world has enough nasty things in it. We don’t need to make more. Thanks for being lovely and raising the bar. I can’t wait to see all the other wonderful people you bring to that space.

  • Awww!
    It’s so true: plurk can obviously be a cove of drama queens, but it surely is fun if you use it the right way!
    I made tons of friends through it, too, and would hate not to know these people only because I missed the call to try plurk out;)

  • I love Plurk. It’s one of those places where I can be myself without feeling pressure and I have met some interesting people. (girlkiss)

  • I’m not sure I would know you, Berry, if not for plurk. The daily quotes you used to post always brightened my day and/or made me think. Your timeline is always full of lightness and love…just like you. Thanks for pointing out the best parts of plurk. ily

  • I have to agree with you I have had some drama in the past but most of all I have made friendships that I value above all else, people who I can turn to when I need (cozy)s or just someone to listen to me rant, I have also learned so much from the amazing people on plurk.

  • Bryony Constantine

    Plurk has its negativity and dramas like anywhere else in life but it’s also
    a great place to connect with people in real life and Second Life.
    I’ve discovered things via Plurk that I might have missed without it.
    I’ve had a lot of fun with Plurk and I love it.

  • i’m still new to plurk, but definitely see all the wonderfulness of it. i’ve already made many new friends, discovered new stores, and i get to stalk those i admire, you included. there are some awesome people on there so i can ignore the little bit of drama i see. 😀

  • Yay! I got a made it on your blog via a Plurk! Woot! I love your blog and I wouldn’t have found it if it wasn’t for Plurk. Thank you for bringing more focus to Plurk and the good side of it! Keep doing such a great job on your blog…it is so fun and informative!

  • I really didn’t expect such a response to this post. This is exactly what keeps me logging back in to SL and plurk. Y’all make my slife so happy and fun and exciting. Thank you, each and every one of you! <3

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