Zaara Statement Rings


Zaara Kohime has added another installment to her statement jewels. These beautiful rings are only available at Accessory Fair right now at the {Zaara} stall.


Each ring comes in a variety of colors and metal options. More detailed pics of each ring can be seen on Zaara’s flickr. These rings are also available in transferable versions to make gifting easier. Please make sure to look at the signs carefully for the transferable versions when purchasing.


The Accessory Fair runs till March 27th, 2010. For more information about Accessory Fair, visit the blog:

Skin & hair are available at Dutch Touch & Truth, poses are available at Diesel Works.

4 thoughts on “Zaara Statement Rings

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  2. Summer Teodosio says:

    Cute rings but need a specific SLURL to find the shop couldn’t do it just walking around! Any help?

  3. Hi Summer, thanks for the comment!

    That slurl under the first picture should actually take you right into the shop. I will re-check it once I login again.

    Here it is:

  4. Fab rings I get all mine from they do lovely ones just like Hibiscuses x

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