Love Thursday – The Middle East

Love Thursday - The Middle East

Since I was young my dream has been to one day visit the Middle East, especially Dubai. Inshallah this dream will come true very soon. For now I have the opportunity to visit the virtual Middle East on the Middle East sim. The Middle East sim is founded and co-built by iRmE Nayar. I had a talk with Irme about this endeavor.

Love Thursday - The Middle East

He’s been working on this build for a while. Half of the sim shows a timeline, of the past and the present. The high-rise buildings are real life replicas that can be found in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Dubai. Then there is also a place of worship, with a link to an xstreet listing where you can pick up a Quran free of charge. But the part I’m most excited about is the Middle East Learning Center where they will be holding classes FREE OF CHARGE for anyone that is interested in learning Arabic, or learning how to build in Second Life. This is one sim that is definitely a must visit.

Love Thursday - The Middle East

If you have any questions regarding the Middle East sim, please direct them towards founder iRmE Nayar. And enjoy your visit! <3 Oh, I guess the slurl will help. 😛
They also have a website:


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