Sci-fi Girl!

Sci-fi girl

When I was first approached to do this sci-fi post, I have to admit I was more than apprehensive since this is foreign territory to me. I am so not a sci-fi girl but after exploring, asking plurk and other friends for help, I had loads of fun styling, shooting and processing these images.

Sci-fi girl

Not sure if I pulled it off, but at least I can say I tried my best and I had a blast doing so! I hope y’all have a great weekend. <3 Sci-fi girl

*Skin: Dutch Touch Amber by Iki Ikarus
Hair: MIRROR C14 / Cyber Light (White – Grey) (Box) by lat Oh
Shoes: Paradox CyberGurlz – Boots Black Special BOX by Neaky Larsson
*Collar: [Plastik]-RecluseCollar-Bru/Ameli by Aikea Rieko
Dress: [Plastik]-Prayer-Black by Aikea Rieko
*Eyes, Specs, Body & Face Tattoos: HUZ TATS by Hunain Bellic (coming soon)
*Poses: Catwoman poses by Creamy Cooljoke (Thank you Creamy, loved them <3) Location: Insilico

*Review items and/or gifts.

6 thoughts on “Sci-fi Girl!

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  2. Wooooow!! Loving the pics and your av looks amazing, I bet you want to stay like this all the time now! :)

  3. Berry these pics are amazinggg!

  4. Awesome! You pulled it off wonderfully. I love it.

  5. Creamy, Katey and Sonatrix, thank you sooo soo very much. I really appreciate it. <3

  6. oooo holy gawsh. these are awesome. you look wonderful!

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