Don’t we make a cute couple?

Don't we make a cute couple?

Too bad both of them are me! This is what happens when Mr. Revolution is not around for me to use and abuse.

I remember one time in my SL when I couldn’t find a skin on the grid that I liked at all and now there are so many skins that I am in love with, I can’t decide which to wear. Why can’t we wear them all at one? :P

Don't we make a cute couple?

The above two are both Dutch Touch. The male Nik skin was released last week and the female Gwen skin will be released next week. You can see more detailed pics of both on Iki Ikarus’ amazing flickr stream. This is definitely one you want to add to your flickr contacts!

Skins: Dutch Touch Nik and Gwen
Eyes: Poetic Color
Lingerie on Female: Casa Del Shai
Lingerie on Male: Vitamen (Thanks Luna :P)
Hair on Female: The always amazing Truth!
Hair on male: UncleWeb
Jewels on female: The big-time meanie {Zaara}
Poses: Diesel Works

5 thoughts on “Don’t we make a cute couple?

  1. Well… you look specially nice as male or female! And what to say about Shai’s lingerie? It’s just beautiful!

  2. Thank you Mr. Crimson! <3

  3. Any shots of the back? I hear the undies are terrific when viewed from the back.

  4. I didn’t shoot the back on purpose you perv! :P

  5. Lolll at the asking for back shots! Heh.

    anw I was just gonna say SHHHH don’t tell everyone it’s both you haha. I’m extremely in denial that my own double shots are both me. shhh. and wow yes, beautiful couple! ooh i want the shai lingerie too, so so pretty.

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