Belleza Alyson & Purple Prezzies!

Belleza Alyson

Belleza designer Mr. Tricky Boucher recently sent a gorgeous gift called Alyson to his group and I think it is just sheer perfection. I absolutely adore it and can’t wait for the full release in January.

Belleza Alyson

I also got lots of amazing purple xmas gifts from my bratty bf that I loved so much, I wanted to show them off. He also got me strawberries. LOL!!! Thank you Mr. Revolution. <3

Ask me anything!

Finally, for those of you who have been reading my blog and might have some questions for me, feel free to “Ask me anything!” anonymously (or not anonymously)….I’ll try and answer if I can! <3

Skin: Belleza Alyson Tan (group gift)
Eyes: Poetic Color
Hair: Truth
Clothing: ShopArmidi
Hair Flower: AtomicBambi
Necklace: Lucas Lameth
Earrings: Fusemelon & Turnstyle
Location: Las Arenas Rosadas

2 thoughts on “Belleza Alyson & Purple Prezzies!

  1. That skin is lovely on you.

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