LE.LOOK! celebrates its 1st year!

LE.LOOK! is celebrating its 1st year with a bang! Starting tomorrow (Dec. 15th) LE.LOOK! group members will have the items below unveiled to them daily till the 24th for FREE! So join the LE.LOOK! group inworld and read the LE.LOOK! blog for more details about this unique event!

Happy 1st Birthday LE.LOOK! <3

LE.LOOK! celebrates its 1st year!

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One thought on “LE.LOOK! celebrates its 1st year!

  1. Miuccia Klaar says:

    This makes me want to go so much to LE LOOK, but is impossible, im trying for 2 days now, in diferent hours, and is always full…
    Berry use your influence … :P tell them to let pp go in…
    26 persons is not enough…
    I want that hair!!! LOL
    Happy holidays everyone…

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