Atolls Dust – Dhonveli

Atolls Dust
Photography by Jordan Giant

Continuing on my earlier post for romantic getaways in SL, I’d like to share some information regarding a new sim that just opened today, Atolls Dust – Dhonveli. The centerpiece to this beautiful sim is Dhonveli, which means Crystal white sand in Dhivenhi (Mahl) language. Inspired by the work of the magician Naiman Broome, it is an aesthetic and luxurious environment. You can rent a bungalow on this private paradise for a honeymoon, vacation, get away or even a residence. All information for renting is inside each bungalow, on the far right corner. It is an ideal setting for a private party or a tropical wedding. But don’t take my word for it, visit Atolls Dust today and see for yourself.

Atoll Dust – Dhonveli slurl:

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